About Andrea Belzer

Andrea Belzer

Spiritual & Business Life Coach

Andrea Belzer is a business coach helping business owners eliminate blocks to success and happiness. By improving business fundamentals while uncovering personal limiting beliefs Andrea helps create a clear path to success.

Andrea has her undergraduate in finance from the University of Iowa, her MBA from Creighton University  and her coaching certificate from the International Coaching Academy.  She is also trained as a Reiki Therapist and meditation teacher.

So what does all this mean you will find on this site?

A little bit of everything. When trying to achieve our goals, and be our best, we cannot compartmentalize. Why? Because everything is connected. Your procrastination is tied to fear, or a limiting belief. Without taking action, it does not matter how much you know. 

There won't be a quick fix out there that will help you, if you haven't healed the root problem.

At the same time if you have cleared limiting beliefs but don't know how to do something, you can't move forward.

And if you can't stick to a plan and move forward, then beliefs and know how really don't mean anything. You can be the smartest person in the room, know exactly what to do to run your business. But if you don't do it - nothing happens.

So, you will find my specialties that are broken down into the areas that can block you from success. Including: finance, small business advice, emotional healing, and life management tips.

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