About Me

Andrea Belzer

Spiritual Teacher & Energy Healer

To grow spiritually you have to heal emotionally.

Spirituality is not some practice that is separate from your life. You don't meditate, buy some crystals and then go on with your day.

A day full of toxicity, limiting beliefs and a disconnect from your authentic self.

Spiritual growth is healing and evolving your entire life, not just your connection to a higher source.

Spirituality is a return to your authentic true self. About learning to love yourself unconditionally and at the same time, learning that you are a part of this magical universe. That we are all one, and are here for a very specific reason.

So what does all this mean you will find on this site?

A little bit of everything - after all it is my personal site and I am very curious! 🙂 But more importantly because in order to achieve that return to unconditionally loving yourself and growing your spirituality.

It means we need to heal many areas of life. We cannot compartmentalize and be our best. Why? Our beliefs don't compartmentalize. So even if you are, your mind and soul are not.

So, you will find the spiritual teachings, but also emotional healing, personal development and financial education.

Yes you just read that right - financial education.

Why? Because outside of our relationships it is one of the most highly charged topics in our culture.

We define ourselves by money. Our worth, our success and so much more. Money beliefs and problems will stagnate your spiritual growth.

And I am not your typical spiritual teacher, intuitive and energy healer.

I am financially trained. I have my undergraduate in finance, my MBA and years of working in many different areas of finance. I bought my first stock in 6th grade and when I am stressed I read financial statements. (I know, not normal!)

financial education

I came to my spiritual path by needing to work on healing my relationships, later in my life. See that part of my life started impacting the rest. I tried to pretend it was all okay, that I could power through.

But I couldn't. So I set out the begin to understand why everything was happening in my life the way it was. This lead me to begin to appreciate and love myself. To stop underestimating myself and listening to everyone else's opinion on who I was.

While on this journey of finding unconditional love, I began to uncover my gifts. Which I had completely buried since a young age. I studied with spiritual teachers, leadership coaches, and was trained in meditation, hypnotherapy an d past life regression. All while getting counseling and help to better understand past traumas.

And all that while running a business as a single mom. (It was intense!)

Andrea belzer spiritual coach

This allows me to not only teach about spiritual topics, but help you apply them to your day. 

Allowing you to grow through all areas of your life!

Are you ready to reclaim your life and begin to love yourself?

Here are some places you can get started:

Right here on the Blog.

My YouTube Channels: Personal Finance, Meditation, Intuitive Messages and Andrea Belzer (spiritual and personal development).

Weekly emails. There are two to choose from.

1. Weekend Insights - this email comes out every Saturday (except during winter holiday breaks) and includes a life lesson for the week and a journal prompt. Topics range from managing burnout to career exploration, and much more.

2. Personal Finance Update - also on the weekend, it includes what I found interesting this week and more.