Business Strategy Consulting

Businesses can take on a life of their own. You start with a plan, and slowly overtime, you keep making decisions based on today's issue or topic.

Does this work? For a while. But what ends up happening is the company takes a direction you did not intend it. You become reactionary. The company you started no longer looks like what you intended. And you are starting to feel the struggle to maintain it.

So how do you get back on track? A strategic plan.

What is a Strategic Plan and Why Does It Matter?

Strategic planning helps you pick out the long term direction of your business. This is based on factors ranging from your strengths and weaknesses, to industry trends and finances.

When you have the right strategic plan, it makes the rest of your business decisions easier. It serves as a lighthouse to remind you what way you want your business to go.

You take what you decide on in your strategic planning process and create the rest of your plans. Including: marketing plans, employee decisions and even succession plans. Just in case you ever want to retire.

Without a strategic plan, your business can quickly get off track. Even if you do everything right. You won't end up where you thought you were going. Strategic planning keeps you on the right road.

How Does a Strategic Planning Consultant Help You?

A consultant helps guide you through the process. They help you see things from an unbiased perspective. And most importantly a consultant sees your business from a different place. When you are in the business every single day, it can be hard to be objective and see the entire picture. 

Plus they help you keep everything moving, focused and on target. It can be easy to get stuck in the small details, when what you are looking at is a long term strategy. A strategy consultant helps you stay focused and on task.

A consultant can also assist with research and implementation planning when the process is completed.

How I am Different from other Business Strategy Consultants...

I approach things very differently from the start. Two beliefs are critical to my process:

First, I understand that as a small business time is money to you. We can't take you away from your business for too long. You do not have time for a three month strategy planning process.

Second, no plan is beneficial if it is not implemented. So I help you ensure that it is more than just pie in the sky ideas that won't get implemented.

My Strategic Planning Process:

  • Step One: Owner's Life Plan. See the thing about small business, is that they are intimately tied to the owner. So if you are unhappy running your business because it's long term plan does not match yours - you will quickly burn out. Instead of your business supporting you, you will dread working it. So we start with you. What do you want. What do you want your days to look like? How big do you want your business to grow?
  • Step Two: Business Strategy. Now we begin to pull together a strategic plan for your business. We do this in a way that works best for you. Workshops, employee interviews, retreats - you name it. We work together to decide what is the fastest and most effective way for your company to create a plan.
  • Step Three: Implementation Plans. I will not leave you with some wordy document. I help pull together plans to implement the strategies that you decide are the most important. Complete with goals, timelines and resources to move forward.
  • Step Four: Accountability and Problem Solving. Business coaching will help you stay focused on your target and deal with any issues that come up. Running your business daily takes a lot of time, having accountability helps you stay on track of your goals. We ensure you are on track and implementing the long term strategic goals that will make your business better.

Interested in Learn More About How I Can Help You With Your Business Strategy?

Schedule a preliminary strategy call to see if this is right for you and your business:


Do I have to do all four steps?

You do not need to do all of the steps listed above. We can work together on a strategy and you create the rest. Or we can do everything but the ongoing coaching. I customize the package to your needs. Schedule a call so we can talk about exactly what your needs are.

I am a solopreneur, is this for me?

Absolutely! In fact, I believe it is even more important. Why? Because you are doing everything. It is even easier for you to get off track. Understanding what you and and how you are going to get there, will help you stay focused. And reduce stress, as you know exactly what you need to be doing and when.