These are journals that I create from scratch, to ensure they are the best possible. I do this in two ways. 

First, creating and using it from scratch. Then doing a drafted version, and using that. Finally making more changes to get to an end product. Sometimes this takes a few rounds! Sometimes I release one when I am still in trial mode, if I think it serves you. Those will be noted that they are still being adjusted.

Second, creating prompt journals from my old journals as I was working through different issues. * Still working on these, stay tuned.*

I put love, heart and soul and a touch of recovering perfectionist in each journal. I hope you enjoy them,


Journal prompts book

Journal Prompts Book

Want to still write in a blank journal, but need a bit of extra help in getting past the blank page? This book has 109 journal prompts ready for you to use. Topics focus on self discovery and emotional healing. With a section on divorce and separation. Available in print or eBook.

moon journal

Moon Rituals Log and Journal

This journal is designed to help you keep track of what you did for the each of your moon rituals. Plus what insights you had and what life issues you were working on. This is a very simple set up with space for the ritual and lined pages to summarize the outcome. Tired of wondering what you did last eclipse season? This journal is for you. Holds enough space for a year of new and full moons. With enough flexibility that you can create what you want.

sleep journal

Sleep Log and Journal

This journal will help you wind down and get the sleep that you need. Plus track what might be impacting your sleep. It has space to track your waking and sleep time, sun exposure, exercise and more. Start taking control of your sleep. This one I did multiple times before printing. It took 25 months to complete! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It is available in paperback and hardcover. I personally prefer the hardcover. (I have tried both!)

nature journals and notebooks

Nature Journals and Notebooks

I love nature. It's healing power has been scientifically proven. Better yet, it has been shown that just looking at a picture of nature can help. So I took some of my favorite pictures I have taken from nature and turned them into notebooks and journals for you. I am working on adding more, so follow me and keep checking back.