Welcome to my new moon ritual tools for the November 4 new moon in Scorpio. You will find here channeled messages, an oracle draw, a meditation to help with those and journal prompts!

Overall Theme for the November 4New Moon: We are still going through some turbulent transition times, but we are getting to the clearing!

moon rituals

New Moon Channeled Messages & Oracle Card Draw

New Moon Meditation

This meditation will help guide you through a visualization of you stepping away from a problem so that you can see it easier.

You can use the video below, or find it on my meditation podcast: Meditate with Andrea

Journal Prompts for the New Moon

  • Where am I stuck with repetitive bad problems?
  • What relationships do I need to pay more attention to?
  • How can I take better care of myself through turbulent times?
  • How can I extend myself more grace?

Tools to Help You With Moon Rituals

Moon Journal and Log - designed to help you remember what you have been working on and what you did. My biggest issue in my own practice was remembering what I was working on in the past when energies were the same. I created this for me to track what I did and to summarize what I was working on. Now when someone says, this is the same energy as a year ago, I can figure out what I was doing a year ago!

Personalized Channeled Messages & Oracle Reading - need help specific to you? Check out my one on one services.

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