Welcome to my full moon ritual tools for the October 20 full moon in Aries. You will find here channeled messages, an oracle draw, a meditation to help with those and journal prompts!

Overall Theme for the October 20 Full Moon: We are resisting our goals. This is normal, but we need to bring awareness to this so we can fix and keep moving.

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Full Moon Channeled Messages & Oracle Card Draw

The deck I used for this draw was the Queen of the Moon Oracle.

You can find the video with the channel below this card listing. (Private personalized readings available.)

Card 1:  #25 Resistance: We are at a stage where we are resisting what we desire. More specifically the changes that are required for this.

Card 2:  #29 Hunger: But we really do want what we are aiming for.

Card 3:  #17 Self-reflection: Yet if we take the time to reflect on our actions, and understand them. We will grow past the resistance.

Card 4: #12 Boundaries: Make sure what is blocking you from getting what you want is not a lack of boundaries.

Card 5:  #32 Trust: Keep trusting that you will get exactly what you need.

Card 6:  #30 Purity: When stuck look at your why. It will guide you in the right direction.

Card 7: #5 Growth: This is a period of growth, so know it won't be easy, but worth it.

Card 8:  #1 The Void: These energies will last until the next new moon.

Full Moon Meditation October 20

You can use the video below, or find it on my meditation podcast: Meditate with Andrea

Journal Prompts for the Full Moon

  • What do I desire? Why?
  • How am I resisting what I want? Why am I doing this?
  • What am I resisting, but in reality I might be willing to accept?
  • Are there boundaries around this goal that I need to set? Either with yourself or others.
  • Where am I not trusting myself?

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