Welcome to my new moon ritual tools for the October 6 new moon in Libra. You will find here channeled messages, an oracle draw, a meditation to help with those and journal prompts!

Overall Theme for the October 6 New Moon: Don't be reactionary. Focus on calming and making decisions from your personal power.

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New Moon Channeled Messages & Oracle Card Draw

The deck I used for this draw was the Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Card 1: To Be Fair - Life is a continual balancing act. Trust that in times of darkness, there will be light. At the same time, when things are good, ensure you are building a foundation for later.

Card 2: Building Blocks - Every single day will build the next. Don't like today? Start building a different tomorrow.

Card 3: Clean it up - Time to clear out what is not serving you.

New Moon Meditation

You can use the video below, or find it on my meditation podcast: Meditate with Andrea 

Journal Prompts for the New Moon

  • Where am I being reactionary vs proactive?
  • How can I center myself while reacting in the moment?
  • Are my activities today setting the path for the future that I want?
  • What do I need to release?
  • What areas of my life do I want to clean up?

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