Stop Letting Fear Dominate Your Life

Learn to be able to manage your fear and go after exactly what you want in life!

Tired of wanting something, but not taking action?

How many dreams have you given up on before ever trying? 

How many times have you said:

  • I would start my own business but....
  • I would go for that new job but....
  • I would love to ask him out but...
  • I can't do that because....

If any of these are you, then fear is stopping you from living the life that you desire. Are you prepared to live the rest of your life with these as your standard excuses? Or are you ready to live the life you want?

Candice G.

Andrea you are amazing. Everything you taught here had me feeling guilty in a great way about fears that I never realized, until I answered "yes" to everything and went out, told myself I am going to do this TODAY. Your course made me overcome my fear of driving I never felt good enough, and since I backed up out of ziplining last week when I was supposed to do it with my husband, I feel so confident to go back and attack it. For that, thank you so so much, highly recommend this course to anyone who has FEARS.

How to Overcome Fear Class

In this course I walk you step by step through understanding, managing and overcoming your fears.

What's Included in the Overcoming Fear Class:

Understand Fear

Understanding fear is crucial to helping you overcome your fears. So in this course, not only do we explore your fears. But we cover what fear is, and what it is not. When you understand why you have fear, it is faster and easier to overcome it!

Quickly Identify Your Fear Blocks

Learn the common signs you are dealing with a fear. Fear can disguise it as many other things, so you don't even know it is fear stopping you.

Effective Calming Techniques

It is hard to overcome fear when you are panicking. So we make sure you have a variety of tools to allow you to calm yourself down.

Control the Fear

Overcoming fear is a journey. There are many tools to make this process faster. We share how to manage your fears while overcoming the fear.

Bonus Tools

I created journal prompts, a meditation and a full workbook to help you move through all this information. No getting stuck wondering how to do anything!

Ready to go after what you want in life?

In just a couple hours you can learn what you need to kick fear to the curb. You can apply what you learn immediately!

About Your Teacher

Andrea Belzer teaches emotional healing and spiritual growth. Through writing, classes and one-on-one work she helps people to understand what is blocking them, heal those blocks and gain the happiness they desire. 

She is a trained coach, Reiki therapist and meditation teacher. Plus she is a born worrier (Enneagram 6). Everything she teaches around fear, she has experienced.

What will it cost?


You get all the lessons, a workbook with the lesson materials, journal prompt worksheets, fear meditation for what you decide. All for only $9.99 And available immediately after purchase.


Don't see your question answered? Drop me a note!

Is there anyone the Course is Not good for?

If you are dealing with a phobia or have an anxiety disorder, this course is not your best option. I recommend you work with a counselor to explore your options. While what I talk about can help, it might trigger your issues.

How Long Do I Have access to the course

As long as you need. Or I decide to take down the course. (Which I have zero plans to. And will let you know WAY ahead of time!) Translation: you can keep using it every time you face a new fear!

Don't let your fears control one more day!

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