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Small Business Services to Grow Your Business Faster

Setting up and growing a business is not easy. Even when you think you have all the right ingredients and the perfect plan. It can quickly get off track. Why? Because running a business is more than just marketing. It's more than just your product. It is more than just the finances.

It comes down to the your perfect blend of the following:

Without the right direction and goals, your business could end up anywhere. Strategy will help you create a focused plan that gets you and your business where you want it.

Once you know where you want to go, and have a plan - you still have to get there. Ensuring that your operations run smoothly, that you have the right tools in place and are following through.

Right People - Leadership & Growth

Businesses are run by people. Even if you have all the right people on board, it can get off track. Everything from poor time management, to communication can take your strategy off course.

These steps are important if you are a business of one or a business of 500. A solopreneur taking the wrong actions and self sabatoging is equally as toxic as a CEO of a public company not understanding the value of his employees.

Why I Blend Small Business Coaching with Personal Development

Before I dig into more about the three areas of coaching, I want to share with you some insight into how I came to help business owners not only manage running the business but also to help with growing personally.

I am passionate about the world of business. I have been learning about business since I was in sixth grade.

No joke. I bought my first stock in the sixth grade! I started learning about how business functions ever since.

I went to the University of Iowa for a degree in Finance and then Creighton for my MBA. I have worked in corporate finance, banking, taxes, and as a fractional CFO. Both here in the US and in Australia.

I have owned multiple businesses since 2002, including an event planning business, a wine tasting company, and wealth coaching for business owners. I even have a couple angel investments.

I read about business, finance and health (gotta have something outside of business).  I take every course I can. And will talk to anyone for hours about business.This first hand experience to the world of business education allowed me to see where the flaws were.

But I still struggled. I had all the book knowledge. But something was missing.

Finally I started doing some deep emotional healing work. Focusing on releasing the past. Understanding how to manage my energy. And to stop being a people pleaser.

This emotional healing and personal growth was the final key I needed. Business and life both became easier!

small business coach and consultant

Now harnessing my investor experience, small business management experience, and life coaching experience. I am uniquely positioned to help business owners not only grow their business, but have as much ease as possible.

How We Address the Three Areas

Small Business Strategy

Businesses can take on a life of their own. You start with a plan, and slowly overtime, you keep making decisions based on today's issue or topic.

Does this work? For a while. But what usually ends up happening is the company takes a direction you did not intend it. You become reactionary. The company you started no longer looks like what you intended, and you are starting to feel the struggle to maintain it.

What you need is a strategic plan.

What is a Strategic Plan and Why Does It Matter?

Strategic planning helps you pick out the long term direction of your business. This is based on factors ranging from your strengths and weaknesses, to industry trends and finances.

When you have the right strategic plan, it makes the rest of your business decisions easier. It serves as a lighthouse to remind you what way to take your business.

You take what you decide on in your strategic planning process and create, marketing plans, employee decisions and even succession plans. Just in case you ever want to retire.

Without a strategic plan, your business can quickly get off track. Even if you do everything right. You won't end up where you thought you were going. Strategic planning keeps you on the right road.

Small Business Operations

Now you have a strategic plan in place, it is time to get to work in making your direction a reality.

This focus is on planning each of the areas and putting processes into place.

For example creating a marketing plan that matches your strengths, budget and time available. Then setting up the right tools and schedule to execute on the marketing plan.

This step is really important, because without a plan for how you are going to manage your podcast - it won't get done.

For more on small business management.

Personal Growth

While this stage is different for every owner, I have yet to work with an owner that has nothing to work on! Depending on your needs we can work on skills such as organization or time management. On the other hand you may need help working with others in a way that is healthy. This can lead us to facing your limiting beliefs and learning more about why you interact with others the way you do.


Ready to Start Taking Control of All Areas of Your Business & Life?

1 Session

Have a small problem that we can handle in one session? Then this is the package for you! 1 hour and any topic you need.


3 Sessions

3 Sessions each one hour is great to get a specific plan set. Such as we can create a marketing plan, or review your financial targets.


6 Sessions

6 one hour sessions is great for if you need on going support.


With the 3 and 6 session option, let's have on a quick strategy call. This ensures we are a good fit, and that you are getting the right package for you.

small bsuiness services

Need Done for You Services & Consulting?

Don't have the time or desire to learn how to do something?

Need a neural third party to coordinate and lead a strategy session?

I offer a variety of done for you services. A few are listed below. Ready to learn more? Schedule a strategy call to see if this is the best fit for you.

Strategy session call

A consultant helps guide you through the process. But more importantly, they help you see things from an unbiased perspective. Plus they help you keep everything moving, focused and on target. It can be easy to get stuck in the small details, when what you are looking at is a long term strategy. A strategy consultant helps you stay focused and on task. A consultant can also assist with research and implementation planning.

SEO Research

Decided Search Engine Optimization is the right marketing tool for you? Not sure how to research it and target the right keywords? I can do the research for you. Giving you the time to implement instead of digging for the perfect keyword.

Employee Wellness

Looking to add more offerings to help your employees balance life? I can assist by creating the right offerings for you and your staff. From weekly meditation classes, to individual coaching options, to personal finance classes.

How is My Coaching Different?

I won't sell you on one specific way to do something. We are all different, so what works for me, might not work for you. This is where my decades of study and experience come in. Not only do I understand how I run my business, but many other ways! In fact sometimes I try out new ideas and platforms that have nothing to do with this business - just for fun!

There are no promises of quick and easy returns. Business is hard work. And businesses that last take time to be built. So while promoting quick and easy income is trendy in business, it's not realistic. I have seen too many short cuts end up destroying businesses, to not take the time to do things right.

I won't sell you what is trendy, just so I can make a buck. Being blindly sold the latest trend in business is not good for your businesses. It will only leave you burnt out, broke and frustrated that nothing is working. It might be that your business and skills actually needs a good old fashioned approach. I have personal horror stories from trying to make by businesses fit trends. I eventually learned it's just not worth it, if it is not a good fit.

So how do I approach coaching and business? I focus on three things to help you run your business the right way for you:

Understand Your Business

When I look back on all the bad decisions I have made in 19 years, most of them had to do with me not understanding exactly what I needed. When you understand your business and yourself, you stop wasting time on stuff you don't need.

When you don't understand what you need, I can help guide you to the right decision for you.

Make Better Decisions

The better we get at making decisions the easier it is to do the right thing. I hear you saying "duh", but one thing I have learned is that we don't always do that. Even when we know better.

So I work with you to ensure you see all areas of the issues, and can make educated decisions.

Take Action

You can be the smartest, most talented person in the world. But if you don't take action - nothing happens. This is where the real waste of money comes in. How many classes have you bought that you never finished? Action can be hard when you are stuck in learning mode and paralyzed by making decisions.

We work on getting you moving and taking regular action.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your Business!