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Each week I share a quote or a book excerpt. Then a quick lesson related to it.

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What is Covered in Newsletter:

My focus is on helping people uncover the blocks to reaching their goals. These blocks occur in three areas:

1. Don't have the right knowledge to achieve goal.
2. Problems with implementing your plan.
3. Personal issues - in other words you are getting in your own way.

Most of the newsletters are around topics 2 and 3. I keep the lessons short because they give you something tangible that you can quickly work on. So instead of broad deep topics, you can get actionable help.

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Sample Newsletter:

“For every agreement we break, we need to replace it with a new agreement. If there is an agreement that makes us suffer, and we break it but don’t replace it with another agreement that will make us happy, the old agreement will come back. If we withdrawal our faith in the old agreement, and invest in the new agreement, then the old agreement is gone forever and now we believe in the new agreement.”

-Don Miguel Ruiz, Page 112

The Four Agreements Companion Book

Quote Insights

What Ruiz is talking about here are not the four agreements exactly. But instead the agreements that we make with ourselves. Or you could call them our limiting beliefs. The beliefs, rules and ideas that we have convinced ourselves that we have to live with. (The Four Agreements helps you break these agreements.)

For example: I have to be perfect to be loved.

This is an agreement/belief that was created at some point in your life. What Ruiz is saying in this quote is you can’t just remove an agreement. You must find a replacement for it. Or that agreement has not really changed.

So in our example, a replacement might be: I am loved exactly as I am.

The true hard part in this is that you have to convince yourself that the first isn’t true. Our subconscious and our beliefs are too smart to accept the new agreement just because you said so. It wants proof, it wants to be convinced that it is true. And that the new agreement is right.

This is where our emotional healing tools come in. You can begin to journal, meditate, tap - whatever your favorite tool is - to uncover why you believe the first agreement. And what the real truth is. Only then can you start to bring in a new agreement.

This can take time, so stick with it, because the end result of having an agreement in your life that makes you happy is worth it!

The following journal prompts will help you get started on this.

Journal Prompts

Create a list of agreements that you have made with yourself. Pick the one that you want to work on. Ask yourself:

  • Why do I think this?
  • When did I start to feel or think this way? (Looking for the source of your belief)
  • If you find a source: begin to explore the emotions with this event. It helps to start by simply writing out the story of what happened.
  • Look for proof that it is false. What situations has this been untrue?

Another way to approach this is to look for the thoughts that come up when trying to achieve something.

  • When I imagine myself achieving my dreams what are the first thoughts that come up?
  • After I finish something, what is the first thought in my head? For example, you submitted a big work project to your boss and your first thought is: He won’t like it, it’s not good enough.
  • Then explore why you think that. And is it true?

Content That Will Help

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Subconscious Mind https://andreabelzer.com/subconscious-mind/

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