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Quick lessons to help you achieve your dream life.

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What is Covered in Newsletter:

Exhausted and ready to give up on your goals?

Want to try one more thing but it feels overwhelming? To the point it makes you tired just thinking about it?

I understand, I have been there more times than I care to admit.

Which is why I design my weekly emails to be short and helpful.

Not a big overwhelming topic that feels like just one more thing to put energy into and then have not work.

Not even just a redirection to some video or article you must spend hours going through. (Although if needed I will direct you to more resources IF you want more.)

So, what exactly do I cover?

Most goal problems are related to three categories. And I share lessons within each category.

1. Goal setting and planning mistakes.
2. Don’t have the right knowledge to achieve your goal.
3. Personal and spiritual blocks - these can be everything from time management to emotional overload to energy blocks.

So before you throw in the towel, try my emails and get some quick wins under your belt!

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Sample Newsletter:

Is trying to solve a problem causing you dread, anxiety, and confusion?

Are you stuck having absolutely no clue what to do?

Have you tried everything you can think of, and nothing is working?

I have been there more times than I care to admit.

Wasting days, weeks or even months and the frustration building more with each passing minute.

But I have gotten past the point where I wallow in dread and wait for an answer. I now have a go to list of ways I can find solutions.

This week I want to share three of them with you, so you can get answers fast!

Talk The Problem Out

Picking up the phone and calling my sister, friends or mentor is one of my favorites.  Talking it out loud requires you to find the words to explain to someone else what the problem is. This requires you to think about it in a different way than you might think about it in your own mind.

It can even bring on the answer without another’s input. I am amazed by how many times I lay out the problem and then say, “that’s it – I got it!”

And if it doesn’t give you the answer, then your listening partner may have the solution.

And this is also permission to talk it out loud to yourself. 😉😁

Access Subconscious

Our brains are always processing our problems, even when we aren’t. Giving your brain time to pull the answers out for you will save you lots of stress.

So how do you access your subconscious? There are a few ways, but my favorite is to give it some “off duty” time. If you are constantly putting stuff in and working your brain, it doesn't have time to gather everything and connect the pieces.

This doesn’t have to be do nothing time, although go for it if you want! It can be “mindless” tasks like washing the dishes, cleaning, showering, or gardening!  My favorite is to take a walk.

As you are doing this you may get the answer in the moment. Like those great ideas you get in the shower.

Or it can be that when you sit down to work on the issue afterwards, it all makes sense, and the solution appears.

Learn more about your subconscious mind here.

Card Readings (Tarot and Oracle)

When I am deep in my emotions, and nothing is working, I grab my box of tarot and oracle cards. Then I ask my spirit team what I am missing or need to know. Then do a reading.

I have gotten answers, and directions for what to look at next. It can be like that aha moment your subconscious gives you, but from the spirit world.

If I find I am so stuck that I don’t trust what is coming up, I do one of three things.

First, go to YouTube and pick out a video from a tarot channel I follow. Second, I will have my friend draw a couple cards for me. Third, I will pay for a reading/divination session.

Sometimes we are just too close to the problem. When things are intense and we have a lot invested in them, it can be hard to hear things clearly.

We are naturally biased to see things in one way. We become so invested in what we want and what we believe it can be hard to see/hear a message that doesn’t align with what we want.

Remember no matter what you try, there is a way to figure out the problem. So, keep going till you uncover it!

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