overcome fear

How to Overcome Fear

Fear stops us from going after what we really want in life. But we can manage and overcome it! This course gives you the tools to do just that! Time to stop fear! $26

business intuition

How to Develop Your Business Intuition

This course helps you develop and use your intuition. It is written for people in business, but the principles are applicable to anyone! Only $9.98!

journaling class

Intuitive Journaling

How you can use journaling to access your intuition. Includes overview of intuition, beginner journaling and three techniques for accessing intuition. Only $4.99

journaling class

Journaling Techniques for Beginners

This course is for those that are brand new to journaling, or who want to learn more ways to get more out of journaling. (This course is on Insight Timer Only. Working on alternative version!)