Hi! I'm Andrea, I am a passionate explorer of life.

What this means is I am constantly learning things! I use what I have learned over 47+ years to help others make their aspirations a reality. I share the skills I have learned and a bit of motivation along the way.

Plus, I share my ongoing progress on new things I am exploring.

*I am still in the process of creating this site and getting everything to one website. You can still find the older content at:

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I am still working on moving everything to this site, but please check out what is here!

About Andrea

Just a few things I have trained in:

Finance (BA & MBA) - I bought my first stock in 6th grade, and haven't stopped! I have worked in most finance areas. Banking, taxes, corporate finances & investing.  This is my first passion, and the one I will talk for hours about! :) Seriously. Just ask me one question.....

Coaching certificate, meditation teacher training, hypnotherapist training, Reiki Master, Past life regression.

More Random Stuff

I have run my own businesses, since 2002. Along the way having learned a ton about marketing, time management and planning. I have owned: an event planning company, wine tasting business, bookkeeping and fractional CFO businesses. I am an angel investor in two companies.

I am naturally good at organizing and planning.

In my free time, I bake, cook, read about health and science, take nature pictures and travel.

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