Tired of Life Not Going the Way, You Thought it Would?

Do you feel like happiness, your goals, and the life you want are elusive? You have fleeting glimpses but can’t seem to maintain progress. You struggle with even sticking to a plan or idea of what your perfect life will look like? You find yourself mentally and emotionally going in circles on what to do?

You are exhausted, frustrated and at a loss for what to do next.

Worst of all you feel like you have tried everything, but nothing seems to work. The anxiety over getting stuck in this cycle permanently is starting to cause more problems!

I completely understand. I have been there. I know this journey can leave you thinking you are the problem. That living the life you have dreamed of just isn’t in the cards for you.

You are even doubting what anyone says about how to fix it. You have tried so many classes, coaches, counselors, and books. How can the next one give you anything outside of the same old solutions?

What can I offer you that is different?

After decades of learning and exploring my own blocks, I have zeroed in on three major components that block success and happiness. To get your life back on track we must consider how each area impacts you as a whole.

Viewing your life from your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects allows us to see the small issues blocking you.  Most “solutions” only look at one area, and sometimes only a tiny part of that one area.

Think about it, if you set a goal completely from your mind, but you feel a sense of dread about working on the goal, you will find ways to avoid it and block your success.

Let’s explore what the blocks are!

The Three Blocks:


Wrong Life Plan

You don’t actually want what you are trying to achieve. I know this seems counter intuitive, but most people set goals and life visions based on other people. Or themselves from when they were much younger. So first we make sure your life today is what you really want.


Wrong Goal Plan

Wrong strategy and plan to achieve life you want. This is where most people try to solve the problems they are facing. Which is good because many problems do show up here. But the “solution” you are trying is often based on generic advice and not customized to you. So, after we figure out exactly what you want, we match the plans to you.


Personal & Spiritual Blocks

This area is often the most forgotten and can be the biggest issue. We look at everything from your limiting beliefs, energy management, curses, attached spirits and past life issues. You could be doing everything right, but other things are standing in your way.

Ready to start uncovering what is blocking your happiness and success?

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Andrea Belzer

Why Me?

I have been through quite a few transitional periods in my life. From everyday experiences to divorce, moving overseas, closing businesses. And most recently sending my son off to college.

This has required me to re-create my life many times! Each time I would learn and explore more and more! I have worked with numerous coaches and counselors. But things always seemed just a bit off. So, I kept digging! This brought me to learning about the spiritual component.  

This was the breakthrough missing piece.

When I finally combined all my “traditional” skills with the spiritual piece it all came together.

Working with me you get a broad range of experiences to help guide you through your journey. Like a life concierge!

My training includes Undergraduate and MBA in finance. Life coaching certification, meditation teacher training, Reiki Master, Past Life Regression Therapist – and more!

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Eric Crew

I thoroughly enjoyed Andrea’s engaging personality, creative problem solving, and straight forward approach to coaching. Her insights and commitment to asking the tough questions challenged me to reevaluate my current paradigms, enabled me to dream big dreams, and provided me with tools to create systems for building ongoing success.

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