Tired of Feeling Stuck and Wondering What to Do Next In Life?

Do you find yourself unhappy with your current life but have no idea what to do next? Or you have a general idea but are stuck making the decision to move forward? Worse yet, you keep second guessing any decision you do make and keep starting over?

I understand exactly how you feel. I have been in that space more than I would like!

As we experience life we change. Some of this is because of major life transitions like divorce, empty nest, and retirement. But it is also because we grow and change every day.

This can lead us to a space where we simply are not happy with life. Because we have out grown where we are.

This is natural!

But you don't have to feel stuck. I can help you. Using my experiences I have created a life planning and exploration process to help you decide what you want your life to look like.

So you can create a life that brings happiness while you live your passion and purpose!

Three Steps To your new Life

There are three things that every life re-creation goes through. I created these three steps based on my personal experiences and developed the Smart Life Planning System. It is comprised of three steps.


Life Plan

The first step isn't deciding exactly what path to take, but instead getting a better understanding of what you want life to look like. What you value. And what you want to create in this world.


Goal Plan

After you know what you want your life to look like, we can start to put goals and intentions to that plan.

This is all about turning your vision into reality.


Action Plan

Now it is time to take action and start creating your new life! Creating step by step details of what you need to do to start living your happy life.

Ready to Kick Out In-Decision?

I have a life planning package that will help you get all the way to step 3. 

This package uses the worksheets I created to walk you step by step through the process. Plus three sessions with me to help work out what you may be stuck on. And email access to me throughout the process.

You leave with a direction and a plan to start achieving it.

Schedule a free strategy call to make sure we are a good fit to work together.

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Andrea Belzer

Why Me?

I have been few quite a few transitional periods in life. From the everyday experiences to divorce, moving overseas, closing businesses. And most recently sending my son off to college.

I like to put processes to things, so I reviewed what I had done through all the major changes in my life. Put together a process, and then got the training to be able to help others along the way!

Plus my foundation training is in finance. And your money is often a big worry or block to figuring out what is next. I can guide you to what you want, and provide education on how to get your money to help!

Working with me you get an experienced guide to take you through the process. So, you can move faster and have more ease on your journey.

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Eric Crew

I thoroughly enjoyed Andrea’s engaging personality, creative problem solving, and straight forward approach to coaching. Her insights and commitment to asking the tough questions challenged me to reevaluate my current paradigms, enabled me to dream big dreams, and provided me with tools to create systems for building ongoing success.

Tools For Personal Growth

Each Saturday I email out a lesson and a journal prompt to help you achieve your best life! All Free!