Here are my favorite journal prompts for self discovery.I have been journaling to help understand myself and dig into self reflection for 20 plus years. It has been the number one way that I

In this Four Agreements Summary, I will share with you a summary of the major points of each chapter. Helping you to understand and process the book faster!The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is

Learning to invest for retirement shouldn't be scary, confusing or make you have a panic attack. As women we can start investing for retirement, feeling confident and empowered. In this article I am going to

Meditation is beneficial for everyone. But, for empaths, meditation to be non-negotiable. I am an empath and mediation teacher. Who came to meditation while learning how to deal with being an empath.I know first-hand

As empath’s we face overwhelm and fatigue on a regular basis. Most of the time we can recover with basic self-care tools. But this does not always work. When it doesn’t, we find ourselves

As an empath, one of the hardest things to do is consistently watch our energy. It simply is not always an option to be alert and protecting ourselves.  This is where empath self care

Anger is a part of life. It is an emotion that is giving us information. Just as excitement is telling you something. Yet the problem with anger is that if it is left unchecked,

Life is full of emotional turmoil that we need to heal. This is where emotional healing comes in.In this post I will cover different tools and techniques that you can use for your own

Feel like you are running into the same problems over and over again? That no matter what you do, nothing seems to change?You are not alone, this is very common. Not only have I

Sometimes receiving spiritual guidance is very helpful. Yet it can come with many questions too. In this article I am going to help you understand exactly what spiritual guidance is. Plus, how you can