Let's Uncover What is Blocking You...

Being stuck is no fun. In fact it can be down right frustrating, exhausting and defeating. Before you give up hope, let me help you!

andrea belzer

How I Can Help

My services can help you in a few ways. Including:

  • Problem Solving - helping you work through all the different aspects. Breaking your situation down into small chunks to help you see the issues. It is typically more than one thing causing problems. And we are usually only focused on one. Working with me we step back to see the big picture before we fix the small things.
  • Energy Healing - when we are struggling it creates energetic problems. What I like to call energetic gunk.  This gunk can block you from seeing the problem clearly. Plus, we can pick up things like curses and possessed beings. I can help you clear it away. (And yes, this is completely normal. We then to view this is rare, but in fact it is the opposite!)
  • Spiritual Guidance - sometimes we need a little help from the spirit world. We can't see everything there is to consider. But luckily we can access your spirit guides, departed ancestors and other helping spirits to guide us.
  • Mentorship & Education- depending on your block I can help you learn more about it. I have expertise in: personal finance, small business, empath life skills, spirituality and more.

My Services

spiritual life coach


Coaching is a great way to get the one-on-one help that you need. We can dive in and start finding your blocks. Then decide how to remove them.

energy healer

Energy Healing

I offer two different levels of healing. The basic allows you to remove the energetic gunk and receive spiritual guidance. The advanced session let's us remove anything that should not be with you!

How to Decide What You Need

I recommend you start in one of two ways.

Energy Healing Diagnostic

In this session, I will connect with your guides and my healing team to determine what you need.

You get an email with what the main spiritual blocks are to your goal. You then can decide which you want to handle first.

Strategy Session

Think coaching might be for you, but really aren't sure? Overwhelmed by making this choice? In this free session we talk about the best path for you. This isn't coaching or energy work but a space to figure out what the right path forward for you is.

Think you might want coaching and energy healing? Schedule a strategy session and a diagnostic. Then you will have a full game plan on how to get unstuck!

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