Spiritual Life Coach

spiritual life coach

Ready to work with a spiritual life coach?

But aren't quite sure if this is the right path for you? Here are some things that my clients often are dealing with:

  • Major life transition such as divorce, career change, or empty nest. These events often call everything in our lives into question. Spiritual life coaching helps by not only working on the issue, but also doing some self discovery and healing work. Creating a clearer path for your future.
  • Don't feel connected to a higher source. There are many reasons this might be occurring. Spiritual life coaching will help you understand what spirituality means to you. Plus learn how to move forward in feeling connected to your higher source.
  • Empath struggling to control their own energy. Being an empath can be hard. It can also be very rewarding. Being an empath crippled me, until I learned how to not only protect myself but how to use the gift to thrive. Spiritual coaching will help you understand how being an empath is impacting your life, and create plans to manage your gift.

These are just a few examples of when spiritual life coaching can be beneficial. In general anytime you are struggling with something in life, and feel blocked, overwhelmed or lost - spiritual life coaching is for you.

Spiritual Life Coaching Packages

1 Session


One 60 Minute Session

3 Sessions


Three Sixty Minute sessions

(Save $7 a session)

6 Sessions


Six 60 Minute Sessions

(Save $15 a session)

Book a coaching session, and you have access to discounted energy healing sessions. $65 instead of $89. Works best if we do a coaching session and then the next day I do an energy healing. This will help remove any negative energies that may have arisen after our session. This also gives your spirit guides an opportunity to share anything that has come up.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Coaching Questions

Question You Have About Working with Me?

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How long are the packages good for?

On the 3 session package you have 60 days to use them. On the 6 session package you have 6 months to use them.

How do we have our sessions?

We hold our calls either via phone or with a video conference. I use a software called Vectera which does not require you to download any software. Simply click on the link and you are taken to our private room. We can share screens, upload documents and more! Even record our sessions if you want to.

Why do we need an intro call for the packages?

Before you commit to a bigger investment, I want to make sure that you and I are a good fit. And that I can help you reach your goals. The intro call is 15 minutes and is not coaching. It is a get to know your needs session. You can purchase the one session one hour without an intro if you prefer to experience a real coaching session with me. Then you can buy a package without an intro call.