Spiritual Life Coach

spiritual life coach

Tired of being stuck in life?

But feel like every "solution" you are given isn't right for you?

That you have either tried it or doesn't really fit your problem?

Do you feel called to learn more about your intuition and spirituality?

But everything just feels to woo-woo, hippy or doesn't make any sense? Like you're starting on chapter 30 of a book instead of at the beginning?

If so, you are in the right place.

My spiritual life coaching can help you not only get unstuck but learn about how to make spirituality work for you in your life.  All in a safe, nonjudgmental place.

What Is Spiritual Life Coaching?

Spiritual life coaching combines coaching techniques with guidance from the spiritual realm. Plus, education so you understand it and aren't just asked to randomly believe. (Which you should NEVER do!)

 It has three main components.

Spiritual Mentorship

As we work together to build your spiritual foundation, I will teach you what I have learned along the way.

Helping you to find the right tools to connect with your guides and higher source. We are all unique, so we will work together to find your perfect combination.

Guidance From Spirit

Instead of guessing what needs attention, we connect with your guides to get direction. Then make a plan based on their direction.  

For example, I have had clients guided to focus on slowing down and not doing anything - because they always over did!

Life Coaching Plus..

Life coaching is designed to help you get something you want. This is done through support, accountability and questions to help you better understand.

Additionally, if you need assistance in one of my specialties it can include education. Those are: personal finance, small business, life planning and empaths.

spiritual life coach

Not sure if a spiritual life coach is right for you?

Here are some things that my clients often are dealing with:

  • Major life transition such as divorce, career change, or empty nest. These events often call everything in our lives into question. Spiritual life coaching helps by not only working through your transition. But also find answers to your questions around the deeper meaning of these life issues.
  • Struggling to reach your goals and then enjoy them! There are many reasons we can be blocked on our goals. But we usually only focus on the "real" world problems. Instead of exploring all areas, you push harder and try and do more. But time and again I find the issue isn't what you are doing to achieve the goal. There are other factors messing you up. To learn more about the most common blocks you can download my free EBook on the top 3 blocks.
  • Don't feel connected to a higher source. Spiritual life coaching will help you understand what spirituality means to you. Plus helps you learn how to move forward in feeling connected to your higher source.
  • Empath struggling to control their own energy. Being an empath can be hard. It can also be very rewarding. Being an empath crippled me, until I learned how to protect myself and how to use the gift to thrive. Spiritual coaching will help you understand how being an empath is impacting your life and create plans to manage your gift. (For more on empath coaching specifics.)
  • Business owner transition. I work with both new business owners and owners moving on from their businesses. Both stages are full of unknowns and emotions. I can help you not only learn the basics of running a business but also how to emotionally handle it all. At the same time moving away from a business has an entirely different set of emotions and issue. Both of which I can assist with. Learn more about business coaching.

These are just a few examples of when spiritual life coaching can be beneficial. In general if you are struggling with something in life, and feel blocked, overwhelmed or lost - spiritual life coaching is for you.

How I am Different

spiritual life coach

My spiritual awakening and emotional healing happened in the moments between life. Not on an extended sabbatical.

Instead it happened in between packing lunch, doing laundry, meeting with clients and paying the bills.

Not that there is anything wrong with retreats and sabbaticals. But as a single mom, running her own business and managing all the craziness during the pandemic years. I didn't have the time freedom to leave for a retreat. The reality is most of us don't have the time freedom to do it this way.

Because of this, I approach spirituality and change with my clients the way that I did. Through daily practices that emphasis emotional healing and soul care. We grow spiritually the more we heal our hearts, and the more we nourish our soul.

Then, where there is extra time and extra money. Doing weekend retreats or longer self-care helps deepen what you have already been working on.

Over time, you will see the difference. You can grow in ways you never thought you could with 30 minutes a day.

Paired with this approach we use spirit to guide us to faster results. Before we have a coaching session, we do a basic energy healing session. Then using the information that we get from your guides, we plan your coaching session.

Why? Because in my experience there are often things blocking us, we don’t see. Or if we do, we are stuck in our own heads about it. Connecting with our guides to point us in the right direction saves us time and frustration.

Which gets you your dream life faster.

Want to See if This is Right for You?

Let's chat! We can discuss what you need, and if we would be a good fit for each other. Click the button to schedule a free session today.

Tisha S.

I loved my energy healing session with Andrea! She is an extremely gifted guide and is also professional and easy to connect with. Her skill set and wisdom is vast and also extends to personal, financial and business guidance. She's provided me with so many insights as a small business owner as we continue to work together. Highly recommend working with Andrea!

Spiritual Life Coaching Packages

Packages include coaching sessions and basic energy healing sessions. We start with an energy healing before our coaching. This does two things. First, it clears you of anything you have picked up. Allowing you to have clear energy for our session. Second, it gives your spirit guides time to share what you need to focus on. 

Our coaching session is then more productive, as we use what I found in the energy healing to guide our coaching session. Learn more about my energy healing services here.

To book one session, click the contact button and send me a message to coordinate the time. For a longer-term commitment, let's chat about to make sure we are a good match! Click the link below to schedule a free call to discuss.

1 Session 

1 Coaching Session (1 Hour)

1 Basic Energy


3 Sessions

3 Coaching Sessions (1 Hour each)

3 Basic Energy Healing


6 Sessions

6 Coaching Sessions (1 Hour each)

6 Basic Energy Healing


Want to See if This is Right for You?

Let's chat! We can discuss what you need, and if we would be a good fit for each other. Click the button to schedule a free session today.


For more information on all types of coaching and how things work, check out this FAQ page.

I don't want spiritual coaching but need help with other areas. Can I still work with you?

Absolutely! I coach on more than just spiritual coaching. I also help with wealth planning, small business and much more. In fact, even when I do "just one" we end up talking about multiple. After all everything in life is intertwined. You can learn more about the specifics of business coaching here. Or schedule an introduction call and let's talk about what you are looking for!

Can I do more energy work between sessions?

Yes, in fact depending on what you are working on, how long we have between sessions you may need another basic energy session. Or even an advanced session. Additional basic sessions are discounted to $69 ($20 off regular price).

What does spiritual Mean to you?

To me spirituality is about connection to a higher source. How you interact with your higher source on a day-to-day basis. Religion is an organized set of beliefs and traditions. You can be spiritual and not religious, and you can be religious and not spiritual. You can also be both spiritual and religious. Spirituality is about the relationship.

When is the Energy Healing Done?

We schedule the basic energy healing the day before our coaching session. This way you have time to allow the healing to fully integrate. Plus, we each get time to consider what information your guides gave us.

Can't do the next day? Two days between the coaching and healing work also, but I wouldn't go much beyond that.

Have Questions About Coaching?

Let's chat! Click to schedule a free call. ➡

Not sure if coaching is right for you (or at least right now)?  You can start by doing basic energy healing sessions only. This will allow you to get the clearing and the messages from your team. Then you can take the information and work on it yourself! No commitment to me required beyond 1 session!

Learn more about energy healing sessions and schedule your first here.

Cynthia, Denver, CO.

Andrea's compassionate yet realistic coaching approach is helping me get through the most painful and frightening experience of my life. In the past, I would have ignored or buried my feelings. Now, Andrea shows me ways to face and cope with my emotions. Without her help, this already painful experience, would have been even more difficult to get through. By helping me become a more emotionally resilient woman, she's helping my entire family.