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Andrea Belzer

Andrea is a Business & Life Coach. With an extensive background in finance, small business and spirituality. She helps people uncover the blocks to a life of happiness.

Contact Info

For all inquiries please contact Andrea at (email is the fastest):


andrea @ aspirify . com

phone: 402-915-1025

Andrea's Expertise

Small Business Expertise:

Looking for a source that can help you with an article, to interview or more? Andrea Belzer is a small business coach and has owned a business since 2002. In addition her undergraduate and MBA are in finance. Allowing her to assist you with your articles on many areas of small business. Her specialties include:

  • Life Planning for the business owner
  • Small business strategy
  • Small business finance
  • Process and Operations Creation
  • Goal setting and management
  • Marketing - SEO, social media, content creation
  • Soft Skills: time management, problem solving, leadership

Spiritual/Life Coaching Expertise:

In addition to her business experience, and is also a trained life coach, meditation teacher, Reiki Master and Hypnotherapist. Topics she can assist on:

Andrea Belzer Bio's

Short Bio:

Andrea Belzer is a business and life coach helping people uncover the blocks to a happy life. Learn more at 

Long Bio:

Andrea Belzer is a life coach helping people eliminate blocks to success and happiness. By looking at life from a whole perspective we can identify problems you didn't even realize were related!

Andrea has her undergraduate in finance from the University of Iowa, her MBA from Creighton University and her coaching certificate from the International Coaching Academy. She is also trained as a Reiki Therapist and meditation teacher.

Bringing all this together allows Andrea to help people clear the inner conflicts that are blocking their effectiveness in the outer world.

Learn more at 

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