Being an empath is hard.

It is hard enough to make it through life dealing with our own issues. Add on top of that picking up everyone else's energies. Having others constantly venting to you. And often falling into the trap of over giving.

But there is hope, you don't have to spend your entire life hiding from quality interactions.

As an empath myself I have been to the bottom and found myself overloaded. But I was not willing to sacrifice my joy to hide from outside energies. So I took a deep dive over five years, and got to a space where not only do I survive my empath gifts. But I can thrive with them and use them for the better.

On this page I will share answers to the most frequent questions I receive about being an empath. Plus resources to help you to take control of your empath gifts!


What is an Empath?

Being an empath is more than just being in touch with how others feel. Empaths take on the emotions and energy of the people, places, animals around them. While scientific research is still new in this area, what has been shown is that our mirror neurons are highly sensitive.

Here is how I like to look at it, using the example of a kid dropping his ice cream cone:

Sympathy is feeling sorry for them, but not being able to fully understand because you have never dropped an ice cream cone.

Empathy is when you feel sorry for him because you too have dropped an ice cream cone and know what he is going through.

Being an empath means that you feel her pain as if you were her. It does not matter if you have ever dropped an ice cream cone or not. You know exactly what she is feeling in that moment. It is like you dropped the ice cream cone.

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Why do Empaths Get Overwhelmed?

Managing our own emotions is hard. In fact many people struggle to process their own feelings. Empaths are handling not only their feelings, but other people's. Thus is they don't have the tools to handle emotions, they become overwhelmed. Once an empath can release their own emotions and protect against others, the overwhelm is released.

What is a Super Empath?

Most would tell you that it is an empath that has super skills, or are deeply knowing. But the fact is this is every empath. There is no level allocation for empaths. In my opinion labeling someone as a super empath or even a Heyoka is dangerous. Why? Because it creates a differentiation and designation for us to compare ourselves to others. This is the last thing an empath needs. Every empath is gifted. We all have varying degrees of knowing how to manage them, or even what they are. This does not make one a super empath and another not. It makes one a little further ahead in understanding what it means to be an empath.

What is a Heyoka Empath?

Heyoka empath is not a type of empath. This is another term that has been misappropriated. To understand this you need to know what a Heyoka is. A Heyoka is part of the Sioux culture. It is a person that helps others in the tribe grow by seeing things differently. Much more of a shaman or energy healer. This was a very important position in the tribe, and not something that one could choose to be, you were chosen. They did not use the word empath.

I don't where it started being picked up as a type of empath, but this was never the case in the original tradition. Just like with the super empath, be very careful about adding labels to something.  

What is an Intuitive Empath?

Because empaths are so tuned into other emotions, they very frequently develop their spiritual gifts in this lifetime. It allows them to connect to spirit guides, loved ones crossed over and ascended masters. Thus an intuitive empath is one who has some form of psychic capabilities.  Side note: everyone has the ability to be intuitive. We are all born with it, but don't always develop the gifts. So if you are an empath, but have not yet tuned into your gifts, know that you can do so!

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What is a Lightworker Empath?

A light-worker is some who chose to come to earth for this lifetime and help spread light. There are two types of energy on the planet - light and dark. The light-worker helps the light grow so that we can all evolve. They do not have to do so through spiritual work, but simply by helping and touching others lives. A light-worker empath is a light worker who happens to be an empath. You can be a light-worker and not be an empath.

How to Stop Being an Empath?

Sorry, but you can't stop being an empath. It is not something that comes and goes. What you can do is learn to work with it and manage it.

Are you Born an Empath?

Some are born being empaths. It is something they chose to come into this life to do. However, you can also become an empath. This is typically through experiencing trauma in your early years.

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Is it Good to be an Empath?

I think so! It is a gift that can help you understand and connect with people on a deeper level. Connection in our lives is a powerful way to learn, grow, heal and thrive. However, this connection if not properly managed can lead to toxic relationships. Without knowing how to mange your empath gift you can easily become overwhelmed and taken advantage of. If you find that you are in this space where it is harmful. I encourage you to learn how to protect yourself. You can learn about empath self care in this article. Or learn more about my empath coaching.

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