Tired of affirmations not working? Tired of setting goals that you don't achieve? You may be blocked by a limiting belief. In this article (or video) I am going to share with you my favorite tools to help you identify your limiting beliefs. (Jump right to the article.)

What is a Limiting Belief?

A limiting belief is any idea or opinion that stops us from being our best selves and getting what we want from life. It can be conscious or subconscious.

Examples of Limiting Beliefs

  • I am not good enough to find love.
  • If I make money that will mean I am a bad person.
  • You can only find love if you are pretty.
  • If I lose weight then I will attract too much attention. Attention is bad because it can bring criticism.
  • If I trust someone they will hurt me.
how to identify limiting beliefs

How Are Limiting Beliefs Created?

There are three main ways that limiting beliefs are created:

Life Experiences

As we experience life we have a reaction to everything that occurs. This can be good or bad. When we don't deal with the bad happenings, these can turn into limiting beliefs.

This happens a lot in childhood. As a kid we don't have the ability to adequately assess a situation. Our brains and emotions are not developed enough. Additionally we have a built in need to be safe, as we are not able to function on our own. Thus when something happens, our minds and bodies store that information in a way that can create limiting beliefs.

It might not even be a bad event from an adult perspective. But as a child it can be because we don't understand.

Taught Beliefs

As children we are taught what our parents believe. This does not always line up with what is healthy for us as adults.

Past Lives

We enter into this life in order to learn specific lessons. If those lessons (part of karma) involve healing a past life karmic debt, we will bring into this life some of those limiting beliefs.

How to Identify Limiting Beliefs

To begin with limiting beliefs can come in layers. We can have opposing limiting beliefs. Or ones that are layered on top of each other, creating even more blockage to our goals.

So give yourself time and compassion as you are exploring different beliefs. It is natural to find one and think you are done with it, only for it to reappear later because of a variation on the limiting belief.

Tools to Identify Beliefs:

  • Awareness of your thoughts. This seems like a simple tool, but our thoughts are usually the first glimpse of a belief that is harming us. When something that should be good is presented to you, and you have a negative response. Stop and explore why you had that thought.
  • Journaling. This is hands down my favorite way to deal with most emotional healing issues. And is fantastic for digging below the surface to understand your limiting beliefs. (prompts below to help you out)
  • Repetitive Issues. Begin to explore different areas of your life that have the similar problems. When we have limiting beliefs they often don't impact just one area. If you feel you are not good enough for love, it will impact relationships. But also your career. As you find areas with similar problems, look for the underlying commonalities to find the limiting beliefs.
  • Bodywork. As we create these beliefs they are also put in our body. Our mind and body work together to handle our emotions. So when we don't feel our feelings and process them appropriately we store them in our bodies. If you are completely stuck with thinking about your limiting beliefs, it is time to turn to your body. You can do a body scan meditation, your can do yoga, get a massage. Anything that allows your body to release emotional information.
  • Past Life Regression. When you get to the point where you are really struggling to find any causes from this life, it may be time to explore what past lives may be impacting this life. Personally this has been a game changer for me. There were so many things I could not explain, that finally made sense when I explored past lives. If you have tried everything else, it may be time to explore your past lives.

Journal Prompts to Identify Limiting Beliefs

Take your negative thoughts that pop-up whenever something good happens and ask these questions around it.

  • Why do I think this?
  • When did I start to feel or think this way? (Looking for the source of your belief)
  • If you find a source: begin to explore the emotions with this event. It helps to start by simply writing out the story of what happened.
  • When I imagine myself achieving my dreams what are the first thoughts that come up?
  • How do I feel about abundance?

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