Energy Healer

Feeling Stuck in Your Growth?

Have you done everything you can think of to grow spiritually? Or even on a personal development issue? But you just can't seem to complete what you are working on?

Then you may need to work with an energy healer.


energy healer

Because often what is blocking us is energy that is stuck in our body or aura.

Our bodies as we experience stress, emotional issues, and even emotional repair, create energetic waste.  I like the formal term "gunk." 🙂   This blocks us from fully feeling better or moving to the next level.

This gunk can cause physical issues, and even more emotional turmoil.

Energy healing clears the gunk. So you can feel better and continue moving forward with your goals.

In addition to our own energy we can also pick up others energy. Since we are all matter we can interact with each other, or even the space around you and pick up damaging energy. If you are an empath, this is even more of a problem in your personal progress. You can be doing just fine, and one person with bad energy can throw you off.

Ready to Remove This Negative Energy?

intuitive energy healer

How I Can Help With Energy Healing:

As an intuitive energy healer, I use multiple techniques to help you clear what is blocking you. The foundation of a session is Reiki. This allows me to access your energy field and determine what needs cleared. From there I am guided by my spirit guides and yours to bring you back into balance.

This may include:

  • Chakra cleaning and balancing
  • Entity removal
  • Curse removal
  • Aura cleaning and repair
  • Clear others energy from you
  • Messages/Guidance from your spirit guides
  • Energy cord cutting

Also available: soul retrieval and past life regression. Both of these are booked as separate sessions with a coaching component. Please contact me if interested in these.

Energy Healing Costs:

Distance sessions are $89. All distance healings last between 20 and 45 minutes. Why the time variance? It all depends on how much needs cleared! On average most are 30 minutes.

For in person reiki information.

1 Session


One distance healing session

3 Sessions


Pre-pay for 3 sessions and save!

6 Sessions


Pre-pay for 6 sessions and save even more!

All pre-paid sessions must be used within 6 months of purchasing.

Coaching Clients can do a special add on package of energy healing for $65 a session.

In-Person Reiki Sessions

I offer in person sessions out of Bees Knees Beauty in McKinney. Those sessions are $135 for an hour. You can schedule directly through them for Sunday appointments. Other days please coordinate with me for times. Contact information is below for Bees Knees.

  • 9245 Virginia Pkwy ST 500 McKinney, TX 75071
  • For Sunday Bookings:  214-548-4335
  • For Days other than Sunday please text me at 402-915-1025 to coordinate time. Or email at andrea @

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Misc

About the Session

These questions will help you understand how our sessions will go. Can't find an answer? Drop me a note.

Are we on the phone during the session?

No, the energy healing happens without words. I make the connection to you on an energetic level. We will touch base afterwards to review the session.

What happens in the energy healing session?

To begin, I will text or email you that I am starting. (Based on your preference). At that point I begin the connection and healing. At the end I will text you again with any information that may have come up. If it is a lot of information, I will send an email instead (or if you prefer that.)

Nothing is required of you other than to show up and prepare to enjoy a relaxing session. You can just sit and relax, lay down and relax or even sleep. The only rule around what you can do - no operating heavy machinery or driving, etc. Reiki will relax you, don't do anything that you would put you or others in harms way.

You may feel the energy as I am doing the healing, but you also might not! Every session is different for every person. Personally when I am receiving Reiki don't feel it every time! What I do feel is relaxed and cleared later. I do have a lot of clients that end up falling asleep, so set an alarm if you need to get up! 🙂

What information do you share after the session?

During the session, I feel your energy. It is what I am re-balancing and cleaning up. Where energy is and how strong it is in your body, can have direct implications on what you may need to do in life to work on better health.

For example, if there is energy gathering in your feet it is tied to your Root Chakra. This can represent security and basic needs issues. We will also review any messages your angels send me. They tend to do this to expand on the area that you need to work on.

So a root chakra block might come with a message to get out into nature more and practice movement meditation.

Occasionally a loved one will also come through with a message and I will share that.