Energy Healer

Feeling Stuck in Life?

Have you done everything you can think of to get the life of your dreams? But you just can't seem to achieve what you want? You feel blocked at every turn? Frustrated that you are constantly repeating patterns? You find yourself saying - "this makes no sense."

Then you may need to work with an energy healer.


There are two areas of energy that can impact your daily life without you even knowing it.

Trapped Energy

First energy can be stuck in your body or aura. This energy comes from both you and the people around you. Plus, different physical locations can carry bad energy that you pick up as you are in that space.

The energy that comes from you occurs because as we experience stress, emotional issues, and even emotional healing, we create energetic waste. I like the formal term "gunk." 😁

This energetic gunk can cause physical issues and create more emotional turmoil. Blocking us from fully feeling better or moving to the next level – even when we have done the work on healing. You may also here this referred to as a healing crises or ascension sickness.

Adding to this, you can pick up others energy and be impacted by the energy of where you are.  Have you ever walked into a store, and it just didn’t feel right? This is the place’s energy, and it can attach to you!

Or have you had coffee with a friend that was struggling and afterwards you felt depleted? You picked up her energy.

Without practicing energy hygiene, you can start to feel blocked, defeated, confused and emotional.

Soul Wounds

Second, you may be impacted by something from what Shaman's from many cultures call non-ordinary reality. This can be curses, entities, lost soul parts and more.

Your block may literally be something you can’t see or know how to fix. Shaman’s work with spirits from the non-ordinary realm to help uncover what can be blocking you. And then most importantly – fix it!

This frees you to continue working on your dreams without old issues blocking you.

What Is Energy Healing?

The short version - it is a way to clear any energetic blocks you are experiencing. Beyond that there are many different types and styles of energy healing. Most of them involve the practitioner working with universal energy and spiritual support beings to help heal you.

When picking an energy healer, you will want to ask them exactly what they do to help clear you.

intuitive energy healer

How I Can Help With Energy Healing:

As an intuitive energy healer and psychopomp, I use multiple techniques to help you clear what is blocking you. 

I am trained in:

  • Reiki
  • Chakra cleaning and balancing.
  • Entity removal.
  • Aura cleaning and repair.
  • Remove others' energy from you.
  • Messages/Guidance from your spirit guides, passed on loved ones and more!
  • Energy cord cutting.
  • Grounding and protection.
  • Curse Removal
  • Past Life Regression
  • Inner Child Retrieval

Tisha S.

I loved my energy healing session with Andrea! She is an extremely gifted guide and is also professional and easy to connect with. Her skill set and wisdom is vast and also extends to personal, financial and business guidance. She's provided me with so many insights as a small business owner as we continue to work together. Highly recommend working with Andrea!

Energy Healing Process

Because there are a wide range of issues of varying difficulties, I group my sessions into two categories.

Basic Clearing

The focus of this session is to clear trapped energies. Starting with Reiki I tune in to see where and why you are blocked. Then working with your guides, I clear what is impacting you the most.  

Besides for Reiki this may include chakra balancing, grounding, energy protection, aura cleaning, removal of others energy, cord cutting, intuitive messages and basic entity removal. Basic entity removal is where the being is ready to move on.

All basic clearings are done via distance healing. Messages and what was done is communicated to you via email after the session.

Advanced Clearing

In this session we will do either curse removal, inner child retrieval, past life regression or advanced entity removal. Advanced entity removal is for beings that are not quite ready to go, and we need to help them!

The advanced clearings are done via video session. There is an element of coaching before and after the sessions. This helps ensure we are taking care of the most important thing for you. And that you know what to do after we have completed the work.

Many shamanic cultures believe a Shaman provides a cure through the above practices. But the recipient does the healing work after – once they are unblocked. So, I make sure you are on the right path!

Ready to Remove the Energy Blocking You?

Basic Energy Clearing


Distance session with email communication.

Advanced Energy Clearing


Session via video

Current coaching clients receive an a $20 discount off the basic energy clearing.

About My Gifts & Training

energy healer

I am what is called a psychopomp and intuitive. This is a person who can help beings leave you and this 3D plane to go to a place that is better suited to them.

I have trained in Curse unravelling, Mediumship, Psychopomp, Reiki, intuitive development, energy management, mind rooms and contract adjustments. I have been privileged to study with KC Summers, Betsy Bergstrom, Sandra Ingerman and Gayle Revels

I have also taken trainings with Don Miguel Ruiz on The Four Agreements and Toltec Wisdom.

How Do You Know If You Need Energy Healing?

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself. If you find many of these are happening with you, I would recommend a healing session.

  • What doesn’t get better no matter what you try? For example, if you have already taken 10 courses on how to invest. You keep practicing and putting in time. But you are consistently sidetracked and run into problems.
  • What problems make no logical sense as to why they don’t work?
  • What repetitive issues show up in many areas of life?
  • Has something changed lately, that is making you not act like yourself?
    • If so, have you tried fixing it and have had no luck?
  • Do you feel physically different? Can't figure out why all of a sudden you just feel off?
  • Do you keep changing your mind and don't know why? Energetic gunk may be distracting you and keeping you feeling like a yo-yo.

Still not sure? I recommend starting with a Basic Energy clearing. In this we can work to clear stuck energy. And get an idea if there is anything else that needs helped.

Ready to Remove the Energy Blocking You?

Basic Energy Clearing


Distance session with email communication.

Advanced Energy Clearing


Session via video

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Misc

About the Session

These questions will help you understand how our sessions will go. Can't find an answer? Drop me a note.

What happens in the Advanced video energy healing session?

I use a software called Vectra. This is where we will have our video call. You will receive a link at booking time to take you to the video room. There is not an additional software to download.

I will start the session with a quick chat about what you are feeling and what might be going on. Then I will have you get into a comfortable position for the healing. At this point if you want to turn your camera off and just have audio on you can do so.

Throughout the session, I will keep you posted on what is going on.

Nothing is required of you other than to show up! I would recommend you have an idea of either what you feel is your block. Or a clear idea of what you want from life that is currently being blocked.

What happens in the Basic email energy healing session?

To begin, I will text or email you that I am starting. (Based on your preference that you select when you sign up). At that point I begin the connection and healing.

When I am done I will text you again that I have finished. Then I will write up an email of what I cleared and any messages your guides had. I will get that over to you in about 20 minutes from the end of the healing. All depending on how much I found and heard! 😁

Nothing is required of you other than to show up and prepare to enjoy a relaxing session. You can just sit and relax, lay down and relax or even sleep. The only rule around what you can't do - no operating heavy machinery or driving, etc. Reiki will relax you, don't do anything that you would put you or others in harms way.

You may feel the energy as I am doing the healing, but you also might not! Every session is different for every person. Personally when I am receiving Reiki I don't feel it every time! What I do feel is relaxed and cleared later. I do have a lot of clients that end up falling asleep, so set an alarm if you need to get up! 🙂

What information do you share after the basic healing session?

During the session, I feel your energy. It is what I am re-balancing and cleaning up. Where energy is and how strong it is in your body, can have direct implications on what you may need to do in life to work on better health. (Emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health.)

For example, if there is energy gathering in your feet it is tied to your Root Chakra. This can represent security and basic needs issues. We will also review any messages your angels send me. They tend to do this to expand on the area that you need to work on.

So a root chakra block might come with a message to get out into nature more and practice movement meditation.

Occasionally a loved one will also come through with a message and I will share that.

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