Life Isn't Going the Way You Want It?

Do you find yourself thinking:

  • Why am I not happy? Or why can’t I figure out if I am happy?
  • What do I want to do next?
  • I feel stuck in life but don't know why?
  • I feel stuck in repeating cycles – no matter how I try to fix them.
  • I know what I want, but nothing seems to help me achieve it.

If so, I completely understand what you are going through. I have been there.

Sorting through all your ideas, feelings, and confusion can be difficult – there are so many!

You can research for hours or days on different ideas. Trying to learn how to manage it all on your own. But pulling all the different pieces together can be challenging.

Especially when you have been trying for a long time. It is hard to see things with a fresh perspective when you have been working on it for so long!

It’s like riding a merry-go-round. The longer you are on it and the harder you push, the harder it is to see or even walk straight! 

You try talking to your friends, but they don't understand. Or they are pushing you even harder - trying to make sure you stay spinning. 😜

You try to fix one specific problem - like money or self-care! But it is like a band-aid on a gushing wound.

Every failed attempt makes you end up more frustrated and feeling like you are broken. That you are the problem. That it may be time to give up.

Before you do, let's talk.

80s style merry go round

Getting a Life You Love is Blocked by Three Things.

  • You don’t want what you are trying to achieve. I know this seems counter intuitive, but most people set goals and life visions based on other people. Or themselves from when they were much younger. So first we make sure your life today is what you really want.
  • Wrong action plan to achieve life you want. This is where most people try to solve the problems they are facing. Which is good because many problems do show up here. But the “solution” you are trying is often based on generic advice and not customized to you. So, after we figure out exactly what you want, we detail out exactly how you are going to achieve your goals. And make sure you have the right knowledge to get you there.
  • Clear personal and spiritual hurdles. This area is often the most forgotten and can be the biggest issue. We look at everything from your limiting beliefs, energy management, curses, attached spirits and past life issues. You could be doing everything right, but other things are standing in your way.

How We Stop the Endless Merry-Go-Round

When you have a health problem you start with your primary care doctor. They ask a bunch of questions, run some tests, and figure out what specialist you should go to. Or they handle the identified problem themselves!

I am your "primary" coach. We are going to dig into what is going on in your life. Get laser clear on what needs to be done. And then, depending on what we find. I can help you. Or I will help you find the right help for your specialty issue.

We begin with the first block and work through them in order.

  • Block 1: Do you want what you are trying to achieve? We remove this block using my custom life planning process (The Smart Life Plan). We explore everything from values to mission and vision, plus much more. Making sure you are chasing your dream.
  • Block 2: Once we have confirmed your path, we then make sure you have action plans. Your life plan gets broken down to goals, and specifics on how you are going to turn it into reality. This also allows us to determine what skills you may need to develop. Turning your dream life into reality.
  • Block 3:  This step is an ongoing process. As you work to achieve your dream life, you will run into blocks. We can handle these two ways. First, with ongoing coaching. Second, with energy healing. Best part of this step? When you have removed a block, it will be removed in every area of life. No more cycles that keep repeating!

S.M - Austin, TX

Andrea was able to give us tools to help with the personal side, but also help us examine the business side and provide a fresh perspective. The approach of starting with vision and goals and moving towards a concrete plan of solving a math problem really helped us. I was surprised, after all our fighting, to learn that my husband & I really do have similar goals and values — we’d been feeling worlds apart. And a plan that we’ve documented and agreed to? Priceless. If we’d been able to do that on our own, we would have, but somehow Andrea was able to bridge that gap.”


1 Session

Have a small problem that we can handle in one session? Then this is the package for you! 1 hour and any topic you need.


3 Sessions

3 one hour sessions.

Good for getting through blocks one and two.


6 Sessions

6 one hour sessions.

Good for making progress in all three blocks.


To Start

I recommend all clients start with a minimum of 3 sessions. This will allow us to make sure you are on the right path. Handling blocks number one and two.

All clients get:

  • All worksheets to help you explore what you want life to look like. And set goals.
  • Email access to me while you are working through the worksheets. Just in case you get stuck!
  • Discounted Basic Energy Healing  to help you clear excess emotions and blocks. (Know you want this? Check out the Spiritual Life Coaching, which includes a healing before each session.)
  • A final recommendation on what you need for ongoing support. Including ideas for other experts if it is appropriate.

Cynthia D.

Andrea's compassionate yet realistic coaching approach is helping me get through the most painful and frightening experience of my life. In the past, I would have ignored or buried my feelings. Now, Andrea shows me ways to face and cope with my emotions. Without her help, this already painful experience, would have been even more difficult to get through. By helping me become a more emotionally resilient woman, she's helping my entire family.

What is the Smart Life Plan?

After my son was born, I was overloaded with being a mom and a business owner. It was too much for me to handle emotionally and logistically. I was a wedding planner - so I was dealing with an infant and 6 brides all at once! 😱

So, I shut my business down. But I didn't think through what I would do next. I was desperate to figure out my next steps. But was stuck in indecision (and worry over what others would think). Tired of this, I turned to what I knew - my corporate business training. I turned corporate strategic planning into a personal planning system.

After months of indecision, in one afternoon sitting at a Whole Foods Cafe I figured out exactly what I wanted to do. And in the process, created a system that would get me through many life transitions. (You can read more about me here.)

And in doing so The Smart Life Plan was born.

Over the years I have expanded it include extra tools and exercises to help you dig deeper into what you want.

The plan moves you through topics such as value, mission and finally goals.

Why Work With Me

As a natural Do-it-Yourself person, I get wanting to figure it out on your own! But let's get real. The longer you are stuck the harder it becomes to see what you want. You end up going in circles and just confusing yourself even more. Increasing your feelings of frustration.

Plus, you are costing yourself time (and time is money) and your health.

Loss of Time - time is valuable! The longer you take to figure out your next steps, the longer it takes to make your dream life a reality. And that can cost you money. Real money.

Especially if you are considering retirement, a new job or selling your business. The longer you take to figure it out the more you lose from inaction. It can mess with taxes, the value of your business, your savings rate and more!

Working with me shortens your time to deciding what direction to go and removing the blocks in your way.

Health Issues -  the stress you are carrying around right now is impacting your health. Major life changes are stressful. Worrying about the unknown is stressful.

Frustration over confusion and problems causes stress. And this stress will mess with you.

It will decrease the quality of your sleep, it will mess with your blood pressure, trigger digestion issues and so much more.

The faster you get clarity, the faster you can stop stress from destroying your health.

Do I Have to Do The Life Plan?

No, you don't. But I highly recommend you do!

 Why? Because so much valuable information comes from the process. It helps clarify details of what you want, what motivates you and what your purpose is. This is also where we uncover where you may have a disconnect between your goals and your true desires. I am always amazed at how clients that don't want to do the plan end up loving the process.

For example, I had a coaching client who already knew what he wanted but was stuck making progress. He though we just needed to review what he was doing to achieve his goal.

Yet by doing the plan, he realized that the plan didn't fit his personal long-term goals. If he kept doing what he was doing, he would have ended up somewhere he didn't want to be. His block was a subconscious realization he didn't want the goal.

He was able to make adjustments to align his short term goals with his life desires. And finally make progress.

Who This is NOT for:

My coaching isn't for everyone. Here are a few that this won't work for.

  • Looking for an easy solution. My approach requires you to dig in and explore. The plan can take time to complete. And more time to implement!
  • Not interested in self-discovery & personal healing work. This plan requires you to look at yourself. But this is not easy! If you are not ready to face possible personal problems, then it is not for you!
  • You aren’t open to new ideas and ways of doing things. Getting what you want that you have been stuck with, will require some out of the box thinking.

Have Questions About Coaching?

Let's chat! I can make sure this is a good fit for you. And that we are a good fit for each other!


These cover coaching in general. If you have specific questions about my process check out my general FAQ's.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is designed to help guide you in the right direction. Your coach will help you explore through questions, reach your desires through accountability and depending on the type of coaching giving you specific guidance. For example, a finance coach may give you guidance on types of accounts. Ask you questions about what you are looking for and your goals. But ultimately you make the decisions on what account to open.

Why are there so many types of coaches?

Just as in medicine, one coach simply can't do everything. If you needed to have heart surgery, would you go to a podiatrist? Probably not. Just as you would not go to an executive coach to work on your romantic relationship. Ensuring you are hiring a coach that has experience in what you are working on is important to your progress. That being said, general coaches are helpful. Just as your family doctor plays a critical role. But if you have a detailed goal, make sure you have the right specialist.

Is life coaching like therapy?

While we might touch on the same subjects, they are not the same! Coaching focuses on questions to help you see where you are stuck and create plans to move forward. Depending on the type of therapy you are in, you will work on solving emotional and mental pain. I recommend you use both to help you. I typically use them in tandem for myself.

Why is coaching popular

Because it works. More specifically, we all need a little help now and then. It can be hard to stay focused on a goal. It can be hard to see through your own stuff. And sometimes friends and family give you biased advice based on what they want. A coach is on your team, and helps you achieve your goals.

What is coaching versus mentoring?

A coach guides you by asking questions and helping you make decisions. A mentor is typically an established person in an industry or area that helps you grow within that area.

Depending on the coach and their experience they can serve as both a coach and a mentor.

Can a life coach diagnose mental illness?

Absolutely not! If you are working with a coach, and they are not also a licensed therapist, and they try to diagnose you. Please find a new coach.

Not Sure Coaching is Right For You?

Need answers and help but coaching doesn't make sense right now? Then you can also do an energy healing. During this you will receive messages from your spirit team. This may be all you need.

I have had clients that use this as their "coaching".

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