Best Emotional Healing Books

I look at emotional healing as having two main stages. First identifying the issues and learning as much as you can about it. The second is to actually heal that situation. You can’t heal what you don’t know about or understand.

So I first recommend you look for book on your specific situation versus just emotional healing. I would start with looking for a book on what you are facing in life right now. This will help you understand the situation and not feel alone. Giving a place to move on to actually healing it.

If you feel like you are dealing with many issues, choose the one that seems to cause the most break downs! I knew if I was crying over the same thing repeatedly it was time to work on it.

Then you can look at books that will help you with the healing process through specific tools such as tapping, meditation and journaling.

The following books are ones I recommend to help you begin to understand what is going on. And find the tools to help you heal.

Understanding Emotional Issues

Books to Help You Heal Emotional Pain

Quick Tools To Personal Growth

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