In this post you will find my favorite journal prompts for self discovery.

I have been using journaling to help understand myself and dig into self reflection for 20 plus years. It has been the number one way that I have uncovered emotional wounds, limiting beliefs and solved problems.

Following are my journal prompts for self discovery, coming right out of my own journals. They include a bit of information to help you start writing the journal prompt.

So let's get started and start with the first prompt.

journal prompts for self discovery

Journal Prompts for Self Discovery

  1. 1
    Write out what your new identity is if you follow your dreams.  Knowing who you will be when you follow your heart can help you better understand the hurdles you need to overcome! Knowing what you are aiming for is critical in understanding yourself.
  2. 2
    What belief is holding me back? Can you identify what is stopping you? Once you understand this belief it is easier to change it and move forward. Another great way to approach this, is what common themes are holding me back? Our beliefs usually impact more than one area of life, so if we can find the theme it helps.
  3. 3
    What do I need to work on to make me my best self? Knowing where you need to go helps you to better understand yourself today. And helps you prioritize what you need to work on.
  4. 4
    What positive changes have come from this difficult time? There is always positive from the bad. Even if you need to dig deep, it is there! Start with something simple, and then move to the harder topics. So for example, start with something like I missed my appointment because of the derailed train. But I ended up meeting the new manager and we had a great conversation. From there you can move into bigger topics such as, I lost my job but it allowed me to explore self-employment.
  5. 5
    What am I trying to accomplish with my actions? Sometimes we don't even know why we are doing something! Stop and ask yourself what you are trying to achieve with the behavior that you are taking. Dig deep to figure out what your real motives are.
  6. 6
    Why am I looking for approval? Trying to chase approval from others can lead us to not even knowing who we are. Best way to find ourselves is to dig into the why behind your need for approval. Everyone's reason is different, so don't just look at the surface answers. Explore what you experienced as a child and young adult that may have triggered a need for approval.
  7. 7
    What am I accepting as Truth that is not? Challenge your current way of thinking. What do you assume is a truth that when you dig deep it really is not? We are all raised with the truth of our family and society, but that does not mean it is the right truth for you. (For more on this idea, I recommend you read The Four Agreements.)
  8. 8
    List all the questions you have about what is going on in life now. Sometimes we just need to get all our life questions listed out. Then the universe and our angel teams can send us the answers when we are ready for them. We don't have to have the answers all the time.
  9. 9
    Write down one problem you have, then list why you think it exists. I challenge you to think of reasons that you have not thought of for its existence. Do this without blaming yourself or anyone else. Look at this as a brain storming activity, not necessarily that everything on the list is the biggest issue.
  10. 10
    Why would I not want my dreams to come true? As much as we want our dreams, it does mean change. What change would you not want if your dreams come true? For example, if you get the promotion then your co-workers will look at you differently.  You won't be just one of them.
  11. 11
    Is this the right time for the action I am trying to take? What would it accomplish? What do you I want it to accomplish? Understanding all the actions you want to move forward with will help you understand what drives you and what you are striving for.
  12. 12
    What makes you think you are not good enough? Put real words to the feeling. What is making you believe this? Were you told it? Are you just assuming? It is also helpful to define what good enough is.
  13. 13
    What unnecessary pressure am I putting on myself?  Too often we stress ourselves out over things that really don't deserve the time. Or they are for someone else and not you. Is it time to let go of some of those?
  14. 14
    What do I need to forgive others for?  Make a list and start working on forgiveness. The power behind forgiving is life changing. (For more on how to forgive.)
  15. 15
    Whose feelings am I carrying?  Is it time to give them back?
    Many times we take on other people's feelings and assume they are ours. Especially if you are an empath. Identifying what is really your feeling can empower you to stress less because you are carrying less.
  16. 16
    Am I telling myself what I want to hear or the real truth? We lie to ourselves. Everyone does it. Part of our journey is discovering what things we are telling ourselves are not true.
  17. 17
    What am I really angry about? Too often what we think is upsetting us is not the real problem. The real problem can be from issues building up over time. What else may be causing you to be angry?
  18. 18
    Is that my responsibility?  We often take on too much responsibility that is not ours. Not just tasks, but also emotions and dreams. While there is a fine balance between no taking enough and taking too much. If you know you are a people pleaser with few boundaries then this is very important for you to explore. We tend to take too much responsibility.
  19. 19
    Why do I feel like I need to be validated by others?  Why are you looking for approval from others? Identifying why can help  you change that belief!
  20. 20
    What matters the most to me? When push comes to shove, what stays and what goes?

Hopefully these journal prompts will help you with your self discovery journey.  Want more journaling prompts for self-discovery? Check out my ebook for 109 journal prompts! (Available in print from Amazon.)

Last updated: October 2, 2020

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