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Coaching FAQ

How Long Are Packages Good For?

For the starter life planning package, I recommend you use them within a month. This allows you time to do the worksheets and make plans without feeling rushed. But short enough that you don't get stuck and not make any forward movement.

After the starter package the following is the time frame they need to be used in:

On the 3-session package you have 3 months to use them. On the 6 sessions, you have 6 months to use them.

How do we have our sessions?

We hold our calls either via phone or with video conference software. I use a software called Vectera which does not require you to download any software. Simply click on the link in the email and you are taken to our private room. We can share screens, upload documents and more! Even record our sessions if you want to, so you can review later.

Why Do We Need an Intro Call For the Package?

Before you commit to this investment in yourself, I want to make sure that you and I are a good fit. And that I can help you reach your goals. The intro call is 30 minutes and is not coaching. It is a get to know your needs session. And get to know each other. Then if it is a good fit for both of us we can move forward. This can be booked via phone or video chat.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Most people can get through the life planning process with the initial 3 sessions. After that you will have a better idea of what you need help with and we can create a plan to move forward.

Basic Energy Healing FAQ

Do I Need to Do Anything for My Session?

Nothing is required of you other than to enjoy a relaxing session. You can just sit, lay down or even sleep. The only rule around what you can’t do is no operating heavy machinery or driving, etc. Reiki will relax you, and I will be working with your energy field.  Don't do anything that would put you or others in harm’s way.

Is Reiki Covered by Insurance?

This is something you need to check with your insurance about. Many insurance companies are recognizing Reiki healing as a complementary form of medicine. And will cover it if it is included in a treatment plan.

I do not bill directly through insurance. But I can provide an invoice for your Reiki session, for you to submit to your insurance company.

Are Reiki Sessions Confidential?

I do not share any of what comes up during Reiki sessions with anyone but you. It is yours to share unless you would like me to share on your behalf. This confidentiality is not, however, like that of attorney/client privilege!

Are There Any Location Issues with Distance Reiki?

Nope, you really can be anywhere. I did a session with a client in Turkey while I was in Dallas, Texas. We just have to find the right time for each of us. (My scheduling software will help with this automatically. If nothing is available, message me and I can review my schedule.)

I am in the Eastern Time Zone and will use that to book our appointments. But don't worry if we are many time zones apart. You can be asleep while I do the work!

How Many Reiki Sessions Will I Need?

This varies from person to person. Some people may need just one or two to clear the energy. Then they can do maintenance sessions every couple months. Some may require 6 or more sessions before they reach a maintenance point. You will know by how you are feeling between sessions. Additionally, I can assist you in figuring out how to maintain the clearing longer to reduce your required sessions.

Intuitive Oracle & Tarot Readings FAQ

How Long Will it Take to Get My Reading?

You will receive your card reading within 2 hours of the designated time.

How Will I Get My Reading?

I will email you the information I received and a picture of the cards. Make sure I have an email that you check!

Are There Any Questions You Won't Answer?

I will not answer any questions in these categories: time related, pregnancy related, legal matters, terminal illness or ones that are directly dependent on someone else doing something.

Can I Do More Than One Question?

Absolutely, you will just need to order them individually. This way I get the questions as distinct issues versus lots of moving pieces. If you find that your situation is full of varying issues, since life can be messy, I recommend you do a question that is broader in scope. This allows your guides to address the issue they think is best. For example: What do I need to know right now? or What do I need to be aware of for the next month.

How Do I Book a Reading?

Just click this link! It will take you to my booking software.


Misc FAQ

Why Are Payment Under Aspirify, Inc?

My official business name is Aspirify, Inc.  Thus all banking transactions need to be run under that name! Have a question about a charge, please drop me a note or give me a call. Contact information.

What is the Difference Between Energy Healing and an Intuitive Card Reading?

The biggest difference is that in the card reading, there is no energy work done. Additionally in energy healing I don't do a card spread. Occasionally your guides will have me draw a card, but it won't be a full read.

Which do you need? If you have a specific question and don't need your energy cleared, then do the card reading. Do note that often when we struggle with decisions, it is because we do need a clearing! So, if you are struggling to make a decision and have felt a bit off. Start with the energy clearing.