Intuitive Card Reading

Looking for intuitive guidance? One of my favorite ways to receive information is by using an intuitive card reading.

What is an Intuitive Card Reading?

This is where you use a tarot card or oracle card deck to help hear and clarify what your guides are trying to communicate with you. It is another tool to help you get the spiritual guidance that you need. 

Why Would You Do a Card Reading?

Often we can't always hear what our guides and spiritual support team are saying. We are so attached to an outcome or situation that we can't get a clear message.

It can also be that you are still working on learning how to communicate with your guides. Card readings can help you clarify what you are getting from other methods.

What Can You Use Intuitive Card Readings For?

  • Upcoming events. I love to draw cards for information anytime an event is coming up. I do it for everything from moving to an important meeting. When asking about an event ask: "What do I need to know about this."
  • Problem Solving. When I am stuck and can't figure it out, I had for my cards! You can ask what you need to know or what you might not be seeing.
  • Week ahead. Often I will draw cards for a specific time period so I can plan for what to expect.
  • What do you want me to know. A simple generic question will help you see things you may never have thought to expect!
  • Confirm what you are getting from your guides through other means. If you are working on developing your intuitive and channeling gifts, confirming with cards is a great way to build confidence.

How To Do an Intuitive Card Reading

  • Get clear on the information you need. You want to make sure you are very clear on what you need from the reading. You can write it down or say it out loud.
  • Select the deck that you want to use. I use my intuitive skills to do this. I will ask my guides what deck(s) they want me to use. If I don't get anything right away, I pull out all my decks and move my hands over them. I am sensing which ones have more energy.  (Here are the decks I use.)
  • Clear the decks energy. This can be as simple as knocking on it. This will clear out any energy that is not yours. It does not have to be a big process, one simple tap.
  • Draw cards. You can use an established card spread. Or just draw using your intuition. This is actually my favorite way. I just turn over cards until my guides say stop! I will also use my hand to test the energy of each card. The card with the most energy is the one that my guides want me to look at. Trust your intuition on what is the best way for you.
  • Interpret the cards. I recommend using the book that comes with most decks so that you get a better reading. If you are using a tarot deck that did not come with a guide, I recommend the book Guided Tarot by Stefanie Caponi. Pay attention to what words jump out to you. Often times the thing that you need to take away from it is only a small part of the description. Remember to trust your intuition on what you are getting.
  • Apply the reading to your life. Once you understand what the cards may be saying, you still need to figure out how it directly impacts you. Sometime you know right away. But sometimes you have to figure out exactly what your guides are saying! For this I recommend you either journal or mediate on what you got. You can journal when you have a general idea, but need more information. For example, you draw the Four of Swords Reversed. Which you know for you means you need to stop procrastinating. However, you don't know why you are procrastinating. Grab your journal to explore what fears or other issues may be blocking you. If you have no idea what is going on, then start with a meditation to see if your guides give you more information.
  • Close out. I like to take notes about what I drew so I can go back to it for reference. I especially do this with time based readings. I do a reading for myself at the start of every month, so I jot it down in my monthly planner. After recording what you need, thank your spiritual team!
tarot and oracle card readings

Need More Help Getting Intuitive Guidance?

I can help! I do intuitive readings and energy healing. 

Which do you need?

Ultimately it comes down to what you are looking for advice on. If it includes a situation that has been highly emotional, then energy healing may help. You receive not only intuitive guidance but also a clearing out of toxic energies. You can learn more here: Energy Healer

If you feel like you are clear energetically, but are just in a situation where you care too much about the situation. So you are putting your own personal spin on it, then an intuitive card reading may be the best option!

Both do include me talking to your guides and spirit team. However, the readings are only cards and messages. With the energy healing it includes energy clearing where I receive messages from your guides, but typically without cards.

Intuitive Card Reading & divination Appointment

In this appointment I will answer your question by tuning into your spirit guides. I will start with a card reading based on what your guides tell me to draw. Then include any messages they communicate.

  • You can provide a specific question. Or do a general reading about what you need to know.
  • Picture of Cards
  • Written messages received & details of cards. Sent via email.


For more specifics on what how readings work with me please check out my FAQ page.


How do i pick out my first deck?

First, don't stress about getting the "wrong" deck. There is no right or wrong deck. I recommend you go to a store that sells them, instead of ordering online for your first deck. This will allow you to connect with the energy of each deck in person.  If you aren't able to, then for Tarot I would recommend you start with the traditional Rider Waite Smith deck. This will allow you to learn tarot before committing to a specialized deck.

At the store pay attention to what first jumps out at you. Do you like the art work? Do you like the theme of a deck? Do you get any sensations when holding it? If you are able to hear your guides, what do they say?

What is the Difference between oracle & tarot?

The biggest difference is that with tarot you will always have the same 78 cards. Some decks may rename what they are called, but all decks have the same 78 with the same meaning.

Oracle decks can have however many cards the creator wanted. They are typically themed around one area. For example crystals, unicorns or animals.

For beginners I recommend starting with an oracle deck. Tarot can take time to learn and has many different nuances with each card.

If you are looking for more detailed information, then tarot is a better option. Because of the way it is structured, you can get more clarity on if it is an emotional, resources, thoughts or creating.

Ultimately, I like combining the two. They can build a more complete reading together.

Can I read my own tarot cards?

Absolutely! In fact that can be a better option than listening to a generic reading on social media or YouTube. Why? Because you can ask specific questions about your specific situation. You know you. So when the cards are pulled you can quickly get the answer.

Plus, the more that you do your own readings, the faster you learn the nuances of each card. I recommend you keep a log of all the cards and what they mean to you. This will help you learn tarot faster!

So when do you have someone else read for you? When you are blocked, confused or too attached to the outcome. It can be hard to see things differently when you have been stuck on the same situation for a while.

How often should I do a new reading?

This all depends on the topic and if you are doing your own! If you are asking about the same topic, I would recommend waiting at least a week. Unless something has changed about it. You have to allow time for what is going to happen, to happen!

Additionally if you are paying for a reading, you may want to wait longer than a week. While things are constantly shifting, not allowing enough time - where you are actively working on a situation - won't get you many different answers.

That said, if you are doing your own and want to pull an update card go ahead and do it once a day. I will caution that for bigger issues you may just get frustrated with that.

Personally I do a daily "what do I need to know card" and then on bigger topics only do when I am stuck or something has changed.

Can anyone touch my tarot deck?

This is a personal decision. If you feel strongly that you only want your energy on them, then don't let others touch them.

With that said, it will not mess up your reading if someone touches them. Just ensure that you energetically cleanse them and infuse your energy back into them. You can do quickly do this with crystals or simply "knocking" on the deck.  I will use selenite to cleanse my deck, even after I use it! You can simply lay a wand across them for the night!

Can I travel with my tarot deck?

Absolutely! I do so all the time. Anytime I go on vacation or home for the holidays, I take at least one deck. I use my intuition as to which deck I may need. Sometimes it is an oracle deck, sometimes tarot and sometimes one of each!

Just remember to clean them during and after your trip!

My Favorite Tarot & Oracle Card Decks

Just in case you are curious the following are the my favorite decks that I own. When picking a deck(s) for you, a tune into your spirit guides and ask which one would best serve you today.