Meditation is a great way to release anxiety, and bring yourself to the present moment. All while connecting to your intuition and spirit guides.

Meditation Benefits

Looking for a reason to start meditating? Lucky for you there are actually many great benefits that come with meditation. I am sharing my three favorite ones below.

Increased Self Awareness

The more we quiet our minds, the more we can begin to understand ourselves. This benefit is present both during meditation and after meditation.

Reduce Anxiety

Meditation will help you reduce anxiety. Any time I am stressing out, I step away and do a short meditation. Amazing how quickly it can work!

Improve Sleep

I use meditation for sleep in two ways. First mid-day I do a meditation to allow my mind some time to catch up and release. This helps reduce my mind racing at night. Second, as a relaxation right before bed!

Meditate with Me!

Looking for guided meditations to help you? I specialize in meditations that help you with your spirituality, stress and intuition. You can find my meditations on my podcast - Meditate with Andrea, and on my YouTube channel of the same name.

What I Always Have With Me When Meditating

Basket of blankets

A Blanket

I LOVE blankets. I have three tubs full of them. I always have one with me in my meditation and journaling chair. There is something calming and nurturing about the embrace of a blanket. And yes, I even have one on when it is 100 degrees out! :)

My Journal

You never know when an idea might appear. I frequently get ideas while meditating, so I keep my journal handy to quickly jot down what comes. 

Looking to Hold a Meditation Class?

Looking to hold a meditation class? I will customize a class based on your needs. Classes can last from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Great for lunch and learns, community events and corporate wellness programs.

Contact me to work out specifics.

Past Classes Held For

Irving Public Libraries

Weekend Wisdom

Quick lessons to help you get the life of your dreams.

Reiki Infused Meditations

Reiki is a great energy healing tool. Meditations are great for calming and relaxing you. Combining the two you get both benefits at once. Check out these meditations that are infused with Reiki to help you relax quicker and clear your energy.

Goal Focused


Some times when we are stuck we need help calming our minds. We panic and they run wild! Yet when we slow our minds down our subconscious has a chance to work. These meditations will help you clear your mind and work on your goals!