Tired of Not Reaching Your Goals?


Ready to throw in the towel because nothing seems to work? Before you do that, let's take a deeper dive into what may be blocking you.

I have been setting goals for decades, I have naturally been drawn to them.

But that hasn't always made them easy to achieve. In fact, there have been many, many, many times I found myself overwhelmed, frustrated and ashamed that I wasn't able to get what I wanted.

But I kept going.

And in doing so have learned what makes a good goal, how to plan properly, and what might be blocking you - that you didn't know was.

Below is what I have learned from decades of experience!

How to Set Goals

Sometimes we just know what we want. A desire has been placed on our hearts, and nothing can stop us!

Sometimes we have a general idea, but nothing specific.

Sometimes we have no idea at all of what we want from life.

No matter where you fall the following questions will help you clarify and understand what you want to achieve.

Journal Prompts For Goal Setting

  • What would make me happy if I accomplished it?
  • What values do I want to focus on this year?
  • Create a list of things that you want to: be, do or have.
  • What do you enjoy doing? Can that become a goal?
  • What does my perfect day look like? What in this day do I need to work on to make a reality?

Before you finalize your goals, there is one more question you need to ask yourself. And this one is REALLY important.

Is this goal something you want? Too many people rush past this step without clarifying this.

I hear you, I just set them, why wouldn't I want them?

Because we often go into automation mode when setting goals. Assuming we still want the same thing, we wanted 5 years ago.

Or that we want something that was actually put on us by our parents, or teachers or partners.

So, ask yourself: if I could start over today and go after anything. What would it be?

how to set goals

Components of Achieving a Goal

Reaching your goals is dependent on three main things. Mastering each of these is needed for success. You can do everything right in one category, but not have success because of the others.

The Right Goal & Planning

This is why that last question above is so important. You need to have a goal you want to work to achieve.

Then after that, proper planning is critical. You don't just set a goal and hope it works. You need to create detailed plans about what you do and when you do them.


This is simply what you need to know to achieve your goal. And this is goal dependent.

If you set a financial goal you need to know the specifics for that. Such as budgeting, investing or general personal finance.

If you set a goal to run your own business, then you need to know that!

Personal Management

Personal management is about the blocks you encounter because of you. But it is also the blocks you encounter because of things that happen in non-ordinary reality.

So, this might look like learning more about discipline. Or it could be mindset, time management or even self-care.

Likewise it may be energy work that needs done to clear curses, old contracts or other blocks.

Tips to Achieve Your Goals

A few tips to get you going!


Track your goals, but also track the break down. For example, if your goal is to reading a book a month, you will track how many books you read. But it is also helpful to break down your monthly book by the number of pages you need to read in a day.  And track this.


On a bad day, don't give up. Instead take a break. You can't go all out all the time. Self-care and a reset are needed too.


When you are working a goal you can't always see what the problem is. This is normal. It happens to everyone. The important part is that you ask for help. Stuck on a problem, as a mentor, a friend, a coach - anyone you trust.


Set aside time each month to review how you are doing and if you need to make any changes. If you keep working the goal without evaluating you won't know when you are off track.

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Is It Okay to Give Up on a Goal?

Absolutely! Not every goal can or should be achieved. Why?

Because sometimes the goal is about learning what you do want. How can you know unless you try?

Likewise, maybe it was a goal that was meant to teach you something in this lifetime that included not achieving it. This is an example of a spiritual block.

Now, before you throw in the towel you should make sure you have done everything you can.

And there isn't an easy solution that you just don't see. In the video below I share some questions you can ask yourself before quitting.

Stuck on Your Goals & Need Help?

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