Feel like you are running into the same problems over and over again? That no matter what you do, nothing seems to change?

You are not alone, this is very common. Not only have I experienced this, but many of my clients do too.

Luckily there are ways you can break your repeating cycles and make peace with them once and for all.

Let's start with understanding why these cycles happen in the first place.

repeating cycles

Why Do Repeating Cycles Occur in Life

I have found two main reasons that people become stuck in a repeating life pattern.

1. A lesson needs to be learned. We come to this life to learn many lessons. If we struggle to learn them, they will keep reappearing in life. When we have learned them, they will disappear from life.

2. An emotional wound still needs to be healed. As we grow and live life we have many experiences that end up tied to limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs will bring us repeating experiences in all areas of life until we heal and re-write them.

Examples of Repeating Cycles

  • In your career you continually work more than everyone else. This leads you to burnout and thinking it is the company, so you change jobs. Only for the same thing to happen at the new company.
  • Entering into relationships where your boundaries are ignored. This creates a situation where you don't feel heard and are not getting your needs meet. Every ending without healing, brings more relationships of the same.

Steps to Overcome Repeating Cycles

1. Identify the pattern. This might seem like a 'duh' step, but it is very easy to miss cycles that you repeat. Especially the small ones.

2. Understand why you are repeating them. In this step you will explore not only why you do something, but what might have triggered it in the past. Limiting beliefs that are caused by past experiences, can sneak into many areas of your life and cause problems. The sooner you understand why, the sooner you can work on overcoming it.

3. Work on re-programming the reasons why you are repeating patterns.

4. Keep refining this process. We often have many reasons we keep repeating an action, so it takes time to clear each layer. You may find that you clear one and then the next appears. This is normal, just keep moving through these till the problem has been cleared.

Tools to Help Clear Your Repeating Cycles

  • Journaling - this is a great tool to help with steps one and two. Writing about problems and looking for why they are occurring is one of the quickest ways to uncover the small aspects of your cycles. (Downloadable journal prompts to help you!)
  • Meditation - this can be used in every step. Guided meditations will help you uncover and heal repeating cycles.
  • Counseling or Coaching - we often get stuck in our own minds about what is going on. Working with a neutral third party to help you see what is going on will speed up breaking your cycle.

Journal Prompts to Understand Repeating Cycles

The main focus of these journal prompts are to help you to understand how you are different than the last cycle. Plus how this information can help you to move past your patterns.

Pull to mind your cycle and ask these questions:

  • How would you approach this situation if it were to happen today? (This assumes it is not an ongoing issue.)
  • What did you learn the last time you experienced this? For on going situations review how things are progressing. Are you growing? Stuck? Getting worse?
  • What feelings around this cycle are you not acknowledging?
  • What fears are holding me back from breaking this cycle?

Things to Keep in Mind While Healing Patterns

You are different every time you encounter a repeating event. We are continually changing and growing. Each time we experience something it it alters us. If we take the time to understand our experience, and why it occurs. We can apply this knowledge and make small changes each time it happens. Each occurrence then helps move you closer to overcoming the repeating cycle.

If you would like to better understand this, check out this meditation that walks you through evaluation what you learned, and how you want to do things differently the next time.  Overcome Life Patterns & Shift Perspective Guided Meditation

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