Intuitive Oracle Card Readings

Looking for intuitive guidance? One of my favorite ways to receive information is through oracle card readings.

Why oracle cards versus "traditional" psychic readings?

I believe that readings should help us evolve and reach our life goals. They should be used to help you get direction from your spirit guides and higher source. So that you can finish karmic lessons and live an authentic life.

Oracle cards are one of the best ways to get guidance that moves you in the right direction.

If you are ready to book right now you can head to the check out. If you want more information on how I work keep reading!

oracle card readings

Why "traditional" psychic readings are not helpful. (In my opinion)

It all comes down to the questions we ask, and what we expect to get out of them. We tend to ask very specific questions about topics that often don't have specific answers. Then we become upset when something isn't "true"

Due to a variety of things such as: free will, karma, and soul contracts. A lot of things change the moment the reading happens.

Thus we can become hooked on psychic readings because we keep needing the next piece of advice. Or to know exactly what happens in our future. (I speak from experience. 😞)

In reality what our spirit guides and angels really want to give us is general guidance. A direction to continue moving in. 

They are here to keep us on the path that will allow us to achieve what we came into this lifetime to do. Not give us step by step directions.

Best Ways to Get Intuitive Guidance

  • Developing your own intuitive gifts. Yes this is 100% possible for everyone. We are all born with the ability to connect to our spirit guides.
  • Oracle Cards. Oracle cards help you receive guidance when you are struggling with what to do next. (Here are the ones I use.) I am starting to add Tarot to the mix, but most readings are still predominantly oracle.
  • Working with a spiritual coach that is an intuitive. This allows you to receive messages through the coach while also learning about your gifts, and doing the spiritual growth work to help you evolve.
  • Intuitive Energy Healer. Anytime you are doing personal growth work, you are creating energies that need to be cleared. Energy work is a great way to do this. When you work with an energy healer that is intuitive, you can not only ensure your energy is clean. But also get messages about what might be going on with your energy and how to avoid energy blocks.

So Should You Ever Get a "Traditional" Reading?

Absolutely - IF you go at it from the perspective of fun. Or if you are trying to connect with a loved one just to say hi, or know that they are there. Then absolutely, they can be interesting and nice to connect with those who have passed on.

Just remember the goal isn't to get life advice, but to have fun and connect.

oracle card readings

So how can I help?

As an intuitive spiritual coach and energy healer I can work with you multiple ways. If you are ready for in-depth spiritual growth work, check out links above for coaching and energy healing.

If right now you are not ready to make that big of a commitment I do offer email oracle card readings. This is a great way to get some intuitive direction and guidance, when you are feeling stuck and need to make some decisions.

I offer two oracle card reading options:

Oracle Card Reading Options

Three Card Reading

Three cards are great when you need insight into a specific problem or issue you are facing. Without overwhelming you with too much information.

  • 3 Cards
  • Picture of Cards
  • Written messages received & details of cards


In Depth Reading

This reading is as many cards as your spirit guides have me do! Completely intuitively lead, there is not a set structure. I can answer specific questions, or keep things open to what you are supposed to know.

  • As many cards as needed
  • Picture of Cards
  • Written messages received & details of cards


Video Live Reading

This reading is with me on a video call! I can answer specific questions, or keep things open to what you are supposed to know.

30 minute session.

  • As many cards as needed
  • Live session
  • I will take a picture of cards and send the to you!


For more specifics on what how it works see the FAQ Below.

Ready to Get Guidance You Can Grow From?

Book an email oracle card reading. You can either ask a question, or ask for general advice. 

Oracle Decks That I Use

Just in case you are curious the following are the decks that I use. When picking a deck(s) for you, a tune into your spirit guides and ask which one would best serve you today.


How Long Till I Get My Reading?

You will receive your card reading within 48 hours of purchasing it. The exception is if it is a National Holiday here in the USA. Then add an extra 24 hours.

How Will I Get My Reading?

I will email you the information I received and a picture of the cards. After you place the order, it will ask you for the email that I am to send the reading to.

Are There Any Question You Won't Answer?

I will not answer any questions in these categories: time related, pregnancy related, legal matter, terminal illness or ones that are directly dependent on someone else doing something.

Do you do Tarot?

Some, I am still learning. Until I feel confident that I can give you the best reading possible with it most of your reading will be with Oracle cards. 

* Have a question not answered here? Drop me a note!